What is ARCHLine.XP LIVE?

ARCHLine.XP LIVE is an easy to use, affordable archviz animation software to turn your 3D design into an immersive model, creating high quality visualization images, videos and live walkthroughs.

ARCHLine.XP LIVE enables architecture and interior spaces to be visualized in a real time, simulating materials, sun, lamps, vegetation, water and other environmental features such as people, vehicles etc.

There is no rendering time so that you can react to your clients' requests immediately, on the fly and reflect modifications in minutes, regardless of the size and complexity of your project. Less time spent on rendering means more time left for design.

Explore it

the mood of your design touches your clients if they can freely walk around, feel and experience their future property, long before it becomes a reality

Bring your design to life!

still images are the past – make your designs living, breathing spaces full of movement, vegetation, people, life

Get moving

live walkthroughs, high quality videos and more: it's all about movement

Learn more in detail

watch our detailed webinar on the everyday use of ARCHLine.XP LIVE

The ARCHLine.XP - ARCHLine.XP LIVE Connection

ARCHLine.XP LIVE has direct and seamless connection to ARCHLine.XP - transfer your BIM model to a VR environment with just a simple click. No rendering time and no data loss, equals breathtaking visuals in minutes.



Import your 3D model

Starting the work in ARCHLine.XP LIVE requires ARCHLine.XP as the main CAD/BIM modeling software for 3D model preparation. ARCHLine.XP LIVE gets the 3D model ready from ARCHLine.XP. The connection is one-way.

Set up your materials

The ARCHLine.XP LIVE built-in library contains high quality materials such as realistic water, glass, shiny metal, wood, flooring surfaces or even vegetation. Use the LIVE materials to add more detail to your 3D model.

3D objects

The built-in library has a cache of 3D objects, too - add people, cars, trees, or effects, like fire or smoke.


Show your interiors and exteriors in the best possible lights. Use your light sources you have set up in ARCHLine.XP, and fine tune them in LIVE to get the best tone, look and feel you need.

Shadow simulation

The time and date sliders help you to display the shadow's path during one particular day or any time of the year.

Save still images

To fully demonstrate the model and its environment, use your preset views and save them into still images in seconds. Do you need more freedom to show your design? Start navigating around your model in real time, find new perspectives, and define new views.

Create animation

The animation paths saved in ARCHLine.XP can also be viewed in ARCHLine.XP LIVE and can easily be saved into video files.







Would you like to try it?

Check the system requirements of ARCHLine.XP LIVE to find out what kind of computer you will need to bring your designs to life.

See the difference

Grab the blue circle below and drag it to reveal what ARCHLine.XP Live offers.