How to create an eye–catching Panorama 360 interactive animation?

Our goal is to create a feeling as if we were standing in the middle of a room, looking around and checking thoroughly the entire place.

1. Set the lights, switch on lamps.

Tips: Assign light sources to lamps. Without artificial lights the room scene will be obviously dark. We can choose Spot lights, Spherical light sources, Area or Linear light sources. You can make the light effect visible with the command: Navibar – Lights on

2. Set the time of day, the north direction and check the position of shadows.

Tip: If there are no lamps in the room, please set the time between 8am- 4pm. Make sure that the north arrow is pointing to the right direction. The incorrect orientation of the arrows is a common problem for the shading.

3. Set the viewpoint, from where we look around in the room.

Before the command, set the 3D perspective view in the middle of the room. The panorama 360 will show the model around this viewpoint.

Tip: You will get the best result when your viewpoint and target elevation is at the same height (e.g. 1200 mm or  1400 mm) and the perspective angle is 75 degree for small, 60 degree for larger room. When the view is adjusted, save the settings as a View Template in the Perspective Dialog. The View Templates facilitate to repeat the settings of the precise perspective view from time to time.

You can look around with the following command: Navibar-Rotate around You can stop the continuous rotation by hitting ESC or clicking inside the drawing area.


4.Creating the first rendered image (Fast render-small resolution)

Tip:Start the Render Module first time with QUICK mode (it is the default). It takes about 2-4 minutes. With the help of the photo-realistic image you can estimate the visual quality of Panorama 360 interactive animation.

5. Refine textures and materials

Tip:Take care of the Mirrors. Assign a material with Mirror Properties to the model. The reflection will appear in DirectX 11 mode in View window. The preparation of model needs to be completed with the setting of the materials. Check the settings of the assigned material and texture.

6. Final rendered image (recommended set-up: internal quick render)

Tip: The rendered image with internal quick settings gets ready in approx. 3-10 minutes.

7. Creating Panorama 360 view (View-Panorama 360)

Tip: If you wish you can display more information on the animation such as Designer name, Project name, Client name, or any other details. All information is optional.

When you hit OK button, the render setting dialog appears. The followings are recommended: 1024 or 1280 resolution, Internal Quick render quality, switch on sun and other light sources, and choose the Panorama background.
After starting the rendering the panorama 360 creates wall-views of the given room and uploads rendered images to ARCHLine.XP Panorama 360 apps.
The Panorama 360 command automatically creates 6 rendered images, to create the photo-realistic images will take approx. 30-90 minutes.

8. Check out the Panorama 360:

The ready animation is saved under your private library, and only you have access to it. After assignment to “Connect with your account” the status of the panoramic view can be set to be published or set back to private.

Here you can give an interactive presentation to your clients, walk and navigate through 360 degree the room and show every detail of it. If you don’t touch the screen for 5 sec., the Panorama will automatically turn around.
With your mouse or touchscreen you can move scene to any direction. Also you can send the URL link of the animation to your clients via email or Facebook by using the “SHARE” button or coping the link of the page.

9.Connection to your personal account (View/Panorama 360/Connect with your account)

Connection to your Facebook profile.

On this page you can connect your personal gallery to your Facebook profile by using a unique serial number.
When you connected you can have access to any uploaded personal panoramic views from any devices (smartphone, tablet or PC), which browsers’ is logged on to Facebook

10. Editing Panorama 360 data (View-Panorama 360-My panoramic views)

On this page you can adjust and edit data which had already been given during the creation of Panorama 360. Choose the panorama view you want to adjust, click on the field and overwrite the content.

11. How to delete uploaded Panorama 360 (View-Panorama360-My panoramic views)

If you are not satisfied with the uploaded animation you can delete it. Select the required panorama views and click on delete, this way the selected animation will be removed.

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