Light effects by Ms Noémi Koronczay


Ms Noemi Koronczay presents the power of lights through her latest project created in ARCHLine.XP: 

"I got a request to convert and redesign a living room, there were lot of natural bright lights but only few artificial lighting. The project was to hide balusters and divide the enormous living room by functions. The artificial lights didn’t really align to any functions, so we had to think through what we like to expose to lights and the amount is needed. The living room was split into three, the baluster turned into a wall with shelves and covered with plasterboard. Finally a function was assigned to it and also serves as a room divider. Children got their own space next to the wall, so there is no more need to get around their toys. The arched wall made difficult to place shelves on, therefore those were placed behind the couch at a lower level making them reachable for the whole family."



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Koronczay Noémi
enteriőrtervező- Ineterior designer
Lingel Design és Enteriőr
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