The renovation of a lakeside house with ARCHLine.XP

Designer Ms Zsuzsanna Pál introduces the renovation of a lakeside house:

"I was delighted to accept the invitation of our dear Friends when they asked me to renovate their lakeside house.
Knowing their needs, habits it wasn’t hard to identify myself with the task.
The layout was simple, clear and we didn’t want to change it, so the goal primarily became the formation suiting the functions best and aesthetic tuning.

The plans were made in ARCHLine.XP CAD/BIM Design software, the photorealistic visualizations with the internal rendering of the program.

The 2016’s development, the application of 360 panoramic view was a great help during my work.."



Firstly we draw up the atmosphere and the colours, natural materials, a bit vaporous, filmy colours, exciting surfaces… this became the main direction.
The planning: the task is that we need big storage space on a relatively small area but it should not suffocate the space.
As far as possible they should be able to accommodate guests and the everyday comfort should be available as well.
On the available area of the kitchen the use of space is maximal. The “L” shaped kitchen knows everything, working on the spacious countertop is quite comfortable. In the corner a mobile dining set got place also.
With the renovation of the bathroom the aim primarily was the placement of a shower, a modern WC, a washing machine, a comfortable sink and the formation of storage space. On one side of the bathroom a shower was placed on the whole width range with berm and a shelf on the inside. A heating mat was installed under the whole ground cover and under the wall cover in the bathroom which provides a pleasant feeling even in inclement weather. The washbasins with cupboards got place opposite of the door. We managed to find a place for the washing machine beside the door, with a lot of storage opportunities above and beside it.
During the formation two sofas were placed in the living room which can be converted into beds, and which includes storage for beddings. There is unique wall cover on the walls on which we installed tiny knobs so they function as coat hangers as well. The furnishing includes a few catalogue furniture with drawers, a few unique storage element, and a built-in wine fridge. We repainted the stairs to the colour of the wall cover, the steps got a bit fuller, darker brown colour. We changed the railing, so this way it almost blends in the background. Sitting on the couch under the stairs you can see the lake, the garden so the relaxation is full. Because of the relatively few but well-chosen and well placed furniture elements the space is airy and clear.
The bedroom of the parents, the bedroom of the kids and a bathroom in found on the first floor. We didn’t touch the latter because it suited the needs well. Opposite to the stairs we formed a tiny storage space for the cleaning equipment. In the relatively spacious parental bedroom a sofa was placed which can also be converted into a guest bed. The double bed has bed storage so you can store things in it as well, the other elements are catalogue furniture. We also made a unique cupboard under the jamb wall. The head rest of the bed was made of louver door panels.
In the kids’ bedroom the unused chimney got a new wooden cover which continues on the ceiling as a decorative false beam and in which we placed the ceiling lights. The side walls are covered in uniquely made wall covers and in the whole room width there stands a high bed with bed storage. We used catalogue furniture as other storing opportunity. Under the roof we put on a baldachin to resolve the accidental depressing effect of it.

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