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The most important for me is that people feel good in the environment I designed for them.

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Interior designer - Hungary

Gina started studying the profession of Interior Designers ten years ago. After finishing a course at interior design she studied as an Antique Furniture Valuer and later she did the master degree of Interior Designers too. Gina bought ARCHLine.XP® Interior software in 2009 April. Since that she made lots of great projects with it. One of them she is most proud of is the design for a multifunctional VIP room at Papp Laszlo Stadium, in Budapest.

We asked Gina to share her opinion and experiences with us about how her life and work changed since she has been using ARCHLine.XP® Interior software in her job.

How did you get in touch with this profession?

I did not start working in this profession in the easiest way. In my early years I was studying and doing something completely different. I started as a musician and by an accident and after recognition I stopped doing this just when I was in my twenties.

Fifteen years ago I started doing interior designing as an amateur only for friends. It went very well. My friends and I realised I have the ‘factor’ for this. Later on I decided to learn interior designing properly and doing it as a profession. I spent five years studying it and since that I work as an Interior Designer with passion and love.

What kind of technique did you use previously?

I liked drawing very much, but I think all of us in this profession would agree with this. I drew by hand as long as I could. I resisted any computer solution. But as time went by life and trends forced me to use computer design software. I tried many different architectural software. I never really had big success by using them. I could do certain part of my projects with them but I still needed to do and finish other parts by hand.

How did you get in touch with CadLine Ltd. and with the software?

I went to an architectural exhibition here in Budapest. I even could not imagine I will find designing software there. Once a presentation about this software just came into my way. I just found myself in the middle of a presentation. There I got the trial version of ARCHLine.XP® Interior software.

I went home. I installed the software and it was love at first sight. And I really mean it. Basically after half an hour I knew I will buy this software.

How did your life change since you have been using ARCHLine.XP® Interior software?

Actually I found a new hobby. I like ARCHLine.XP® Interior software so much that now I spend all my free time on it. Simply I just love working with it. Work became enjoyable and I did not feel it before about any other software. When I used others before I did not have this ‘addiction’ that I have now.

What is the most important for you in a software developed for specially for designers?

The most important for me, - but mainly for my client - is the presentation. Explaining my clients what my ideas are. I presented my plans and ideas by colourful drawings and ‘interesting stories’. Now, with this new software my clients can see everything in 3D. They can walk across the house into the rooms. In this way they get the feeling how it will look like. They get a completely different impression and view about what I planned for them rather than ‘telling stories’.

What do you like the most about ARCHLine.XP® Interior software?

I like everything in it. Every single part of it. My biggest success is when I plan something and I extend it with some more objects and then I see how it looks like when rendering. When I see the whole project in one as I imagined before that is a fantastic feeling.

Do you find it easy to use ARCHLine.XP® Interior software?

Using this software is lot easier than any others I used before. I think this is the software anybody can use and you do not need to be a computer genius for that. You do not need the knowledge from university about architecture designing either. Some problems usually come up such as we Interior Designers are not professional computer users. But anyway this is not our profession to be good at computers. The main task for us is designing big spaces and interiors. This is the software that helps us in it.

Would you recommend ARCHLine.XP® Interior software to your colleagues?

I offered this software to many of my colleagues because I think it is fantastic. Since that they have been using ARCHLine.XP® Interior too. Nowadays they call me for advice if they stuck up at some point. I had success at the very beginning when I started using it. I could work easily. Basically I could handle in my first project after using it for 2 weeks. A good project in good quality and I could satisfy my customer too.

Thank you...

The team at CadLine Ltd. would like to sincerely thank Szilvia for sharing her stories with us. We share a great sense of pride in her success stories and we look forward to watching her careers grow in the future.

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