Ilaria Coppola - Managing Director

Let the imagination run wild: there is always a solution for each and every living environment.

Ilaria Coppola Design Ltd is a young international architectural and interior design practice  founded by Ilaria Coppola in February 2011. Working with a team of talented architects, interior and furniture designers Ilaria Coppola Design Ltd specialised in conveying a complete vision of the home and in expressing in a totally unique way the soul of the person living there. Ilaria Coppola Design Ltd's motto is to let the imagination run wild: there is always a solution for each and every living environment. 

“When I started my practice I had a clear vision of the type of services I wanted to offer to my clients and at the top of my list was to have the ability to provide accurate 3 dimensional drawings and renders that would enable them to visualise and understand my ideas for their interiors.
After researching the numerous software packages available on the market, I soon discovered that often the systems were not only complicated, they were also time consuming to use and worst of all there was often no help / support on hand.
However, the situation changed in 2010 when by chance, during Decorex, I came across ARCHLine.XP Interior  . After a brief chat with the helpful team I was provided with a disk containing a free trial ARCHLine.XP Interior  software and as soon as I downloaded it, I was hooked!
I quickly found that it was extremely user friendly and a joy to learn but also because it comes with a built in facility to easily create exceptionally good renders, [something very unique to this software] you can quickly see your ideas come to life. Within a few months I soon discovered that my visuals were improving, as did my clients!
The significant advantage of ARCHLine.XP Interior  is the added comfort that when faced with a problem, I did not need to get frustrated because help and advice was only at other end of the phone. This for me was more important than all the sophistication of the software and the support and patience ARCHLine.XP Interior provides never diminishes either when you are first starting out or beginning to explore some of the more complicated things it can do.
I'm a huge fan of this software and I would encourage any of my peers who wish to provide this type of service to give it a go, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain”.

Managing Director
Mobile: 07943428461
5 Park View
9a Coggeshall Road


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