Kate Endresz-Roberts interior designer

I work in all styles, but naturally English warm colours and fine textiles are closest to my heart.

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Interior designer - Hungary / England

For the past 14 years, Kate have lived and worked in England, Belgium and Hungary as an interior designer and interior decorator. She bought ARCHLine.XP® Interior in May and had a goal of 10 day when she had to submit a material for an Award that she went for. Everybody said 10 days were not enough. She came into the office and was given 6 hours of training. She was learning how to use the software and was doing the project at the same time. Within 10 days she was able to use ARCHline.XP Interior and also could handle the project in.
Kate is one of our users for a couple of months now and made lots of great projects with ARCHLine.XP® Interior. We asked her to share her stories and experiences with us.

What can you tell us about yourself and about your job?

I work as an Interior Designer for nearly 10 years now. I lived in Hungary for 15 years. Most of my works are here in Hungary but I also work in England, in Israel, in Finland, where ever work comes from and I mainly do private homes, apartments. I have started recently doing offices and I have done 3 hotel-interior so far.

What do you like about what you are currently doing?

What I like is I never do the same thing twice. Different people, different plans, different projects keeps life interesting and I do not do the same thing every day.

What is your favourite part in your job?

Watching something that I created in my head come to life. To watch it become what I wanted it to become is very, very fulfilling.

When clients come to you, how do you get on with them, how do you start?

I usually do a lot of background works while I was looking very, very carefully to the character of the person, the hobbies of the person. I usually know them better then they know themselves by the time we start designing the actual home or office.

You currently use ARCHLine.XP® Interior software. How did you get in touch with CadLine and with the software?

By accident. I went to an exhibition in April. A small demonstration was going on and I walked across with my husband. Then I took a leaflet and also filled out a form. I got an email a couple of day’s later saying: as we promised we send you some information. I went with a friend of mine to see a product demonstration and I bought ARCHLine.XP® Interior instantly.

What is the most important for you in an interior design software like this?

The versatility of the software.
The fact, that I can download material from the warehouse on the internet. For instance a sofa or a table from a certain company.
The fact that if I am working with other colleagues we could email each other our ideas, we can go into each other’s ideas and make small changes and email it back to each other.
It’s lot easier for me to put my ideas forward to a client in a more professional way.

Did you find it easy to use this software?

Yes. Considering I am not brilliant at computer and I am not a computer genius I found it easy to use the software. From the day I bought the software I had a goal of 10 day when I had to submit a material for an Award that I went for. Within 10 days I have got the basics of the software and also could handle the project in which I think is quite good.

Could you tell us about projects you can be proud of?

The thing I am most proud of is the British Embassy here in Budapest. There was a tender for a big renovation and design project that I applied for. I won the tender, and it was actually my birthday that they sent me the email saying I had won and if I was still interested would I like to come in to talk? And I was like: Of course I am interested! My designs won. That is something I am very proud of.

Thank you...

The team at CadLine Ltd. would like to sincerely thank Kate for sharing her stories with us. We share a great sense of pride in her success stories and we look forward to watching her careers grow in the future.

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