Riccardo Mottigliengo - Architect

The most important for me is to create realistic plans whether it is an architectural structure of a pharmacy or its rich interior design.

Architect - Torino, Italy

Please tell us about yourself and about your job when you have not used ARCHLine.XP® software yet?

After finishing my Architectural studies at the university I started working as a contractor. We built and designed offices from 1983, and from 1993 we planed specifically pharmacies. Since that I am joint owner of a company which is specialised in building, designing and refurbishing pharmacies. Until 1998 planning was done by traditional techniques and that was the year when I first started using CAD software such as AutoCAD®.

How did you get in touch with CadLine and with the software?

I met the first version of ARCHLine.XP® in 2000. That time I was specially looking for software like this at professional architecture exhibitions. Special feature of this software is it was developed for architectural and interior planning only. That is the most important for me.

How has your life and work been changed since you have been using ARCHLine.XP®?

As years passed by and new versions were released a real symbiotic relationship grew between the software and me. With ARCHLine.XP® it is possible to reach the maximum outcome when doing floor plans as well as 3D modelling. With ARCHLine.XP® I can do realistic plans whether it is an architectural structure of a pharmacy or its rich interior design. During the last years I assembled my own object library. This personalised object library makes the workflow even faster.

What kind of works have you done with ARCHLine.XP®?

I use this software especially for planning and refurbishing pharmacies. ARCHLine.XP® was a very good investment regarding the improvements of the software during years and our relationship with the developer company too.

What do you like most about ARCHLine.XP® software?

Objects, made with the 3D solid modeler, visualised by the photorealistic renderer give real pictures about what I planned. For problems that come up when working with an antique environment - for instance complexity, irregular walls - ARCHLine.XP® is the only software that gives real solution. Projects and plans made with ARCHLine.XP® software show the designer’s ideas in a visible, understandable, plain way both in functionality and aesthetic view.

Would you recommend it to any of your colleagues?

I believe that for architects who want to see their plans virtually and the outcome of their planning - and who take the price and quality factors into consideration as well - the best choice is ARCHLine.XP®.

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