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Interior designer - Hungary

Szilvia works as an Interior Designer for 12 years now. Although she started studying something else, design played always an important roles in her life. Szilvia has been using ARCHLine.XP® Interior software for nearly half a year now and done lots of projects with it. One of them is a Virtual Gallery that she designed for an artist.
We asked Szilvia to share her experiences, opinion about ARCHLine.XP® Interior with us. We also were interested about how her life changed since using the software.

How did you get in touch with this profession?

I have deep roots towards this job. Tough I started learning something really different at university I always redecorated my room when I was a child. When I finished my studies at university I said to myself: Ok, that was enough. This is not something I want to do. I found an advertisement about an Interior Design course. I read the details and applied for it. I finished my studies and I am working as an Interior Designer since that.

What kind of technique did you use previously?

I drew a lot. I liked perspective drawings very much. However the technique did not change during this time. It was the same: I always drew by hand.
Negotiations with clients were quite quick and good. As time went by things were getting faster and I needed something that could help my job. I needed a tool which was more than a pencil, more than a paintbrush. I needed something that gives a certain quality, different opportunities, something extra to what I already knew and cannot be done by pencil or paintbrush.

How did you get in touch with ARCHLine.XP® Interior software?

I got an e-mail once from CadLine Ltd. They were presenting their architectural software that could be used by Interior Designers too. They said it helps in everything from the floor plan design to the photorealistic rendering and documentation in our job. I said: ok, it sounds good. I went to see some presentation. Later I got to the point when I felt: yes, this is something I could use too. This was when I decided to buy this software.

How did your life change since you have been using ARCHLine.XP® Interior software?

My work changed on the whole since I use this software. I am more organised now. There is beginning and ending for my plans. During a workflow I can see every single part. I can show every single detail to my customers. If it is needed I can show thirty photorealistic renderings. I can show rooms from near to far, from inside to outside, from this way to that, from anywhere with this software.

Is there any challenge in your life regarding your job?

Yes, I have one challenge which was a bit of my idea. After I noticed I can put paintings on the wall when designing with this software, I asked a friend of mine who is an artist about doing a Virtual Gallery for her paintings. I imagined her printings in a loft. In a huge, big loft where her paintings could be nicely shown up. I went to see her and asked for fifteen – twenty paintings. I choose those ones I think would work very well in a certain conception, in this loft. With ARCHLine.XP Interior software I designed and done this Virtual Gallery. This design with these paintings gave an astonishing impression.

Would you recommend ARCHLine.XP® Interior to your colleagues?

Absolutely. If someone wants to create something beautiful, something really good in high quality for clients I think they cannot avoid using computer software then. It is also in demand. I can tell you according to my experiences by using ARCHLine.XP® Interior I can serve my clients faster, in a better way and more accurate.

Thank you...

The team at CadLine Ltd. would like to sincerely thank Szilvia for sharing her stories with us. We share a great sense of pride in her success stories and we look forward to watching her careers grow in the future.

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