ARCHLine.XP Trial version: FAQ

Learn more about the ARCHLine.XP trial with these frequently asked questions.

What is included in this trial version of ARCHLine.XP?

The trial version includes all features of ARCHLine.XP, and the printouts and images made by Trial version will have a digital watermark "TRIAL version".

How do I download and install my trial version of ARCHLine.XP?

You will need to register an account and provide your name, contact information, and an active email address which will be used to generate and deliver your license key. Once you are signed in, follow the prompts to complete installation. 

When does the trial period officially begin?

The trial period begins on the first day you launch the software and continues for 30 days. When the trial expires, you can still use ARCHLine.XP, but you cannot save your work. To access all the features again, you will need to submit your request for a Non-Profit version or purchase ARCHLine.XP.

Can I get technical support or help during my 30-day trial period?

Yes you can contact us via email or Skype during UK Business day 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.  We recommend to visit our Video Tutorial website, where you can access a range of free information, including tutorials, videos and users project images.

How can I get an ARCHLine.XP Non-Profit license?

To get your ARCHLine.XP Non-Profit license, simply download and install the Trial version. Click on the 'Get a Non-Profit version' button when the software starts. Your browser will navigate you to ARCHLine.XP Non-Profit registration website. Press here the button 'ARCHLine ID' to obtain your Non-profit license. Restart the ARCHLine.XP software. The non-profit licenses are issued for a period of 2 months and may be renewed for an additional period if the license is still in-use.

How do I convert my free trial to licensed software at the end of my trial period?

If you purchase either a subscription or perpetual commercial license, select Help - Registration command and click on 'Buy…' link and follow the prompts or contact us via email or phone.

When you buy a commercial license (subscription or perpetual), you will be given a serial number for your new ARCHLine.XP software. Once you have it, select Help - About command and click on the 'Change version' button in the dialog and enter your new ARCHline.XP 2015 serial number.

Does it work for both Windows and Mac OS?

Yes, this trial is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Please visit the http://www.archlinexp.com/downloads/system-requirements website to check the software and hardware conditions are needed.

I have an older version of ARCHLine.XP installed on my computer. What will happen to it if I install the trial version of ARCHLine.XP 2016?

Installation of ARCHLine.XP 2016 trial does not affect any earlier version of ARCHLine.XP.

How do I uninstall my trial software?

To uninstall your trial version on a Windows device, close ARCHLine.XP software on your computer, open the Windows Control Panel and double-click Programs and Features. Click on ARCHLine.XP 2016, and select “Uninstall” from the menu.

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