ARCHline Evening: Choose your KITCHEN STYLE in one click...

One-Click Kitchen is the revolutionary tool to design quick and accurate kitchen layout for a fraction of the time.

Speaker: Zoltan Toth,CadLine Network Ltd.

Brief Description:
One-click kitchen integrates placement rules with previously selected cabinet and countertop components to quickly generate your kitchen.

You can choose from modern, traditional or rustic kitchen styles, whichever design fits the requirements of your creative concept.

One click kitchen easily displays your kitchen layout with a wide variety of High Street appliances.
You can quickly change your kitchen style, cabinet family, colours, and placement of each cabinet as you go along adapting your design.

Photo-realistic rendering helps you better understand your kitchen and makes easy it to manage variations to.
Something your clients will greatly appreciate.

One-click quantity take-off can automatically produce a bill of materials and estimates from your design including the item description, quantity, unit of measure, etc.

It couldn’t be simpler!

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