What are the major differences between ARCHLine.XP and AutoCAD 2D?

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The fundamental difference is the workflow.

AutoCAD is CAD based drafting system and ARCHLine.XP is CAD based architectural and interior design system.

AutoCAD workflow:

AutoCAD is essentially a digital drafting board. If you create a floor plan you have to create a series of lines and curves to represent your building. Then you have to repeat this process to create a section and any other documents from scratch.

The drawings are not connected to one another in any way. When changes occur to design you have to make all changes separately to each drawing.

ARCHLine.XP workflow:

The ARCHLine.XP workflow is fundamentally different. Here you build a single representation of the building or we call it model.

The model is created from a collection of well-known building components such as wall, door, window, stair, roof, column, etc.

In addition to this ARCHLine.XP comes with parametric interior design components such as furniture design tools, curtains, lights, sockets, switches, cornices, skirting boards, tiles, pictures on wall, etc.

These components each have their own parameters that match the kind of object they are meant to represent.

The model then applies these parameters to create the 3D model automatically.

The views are not separate drawings but different ways of looking at the same model.

BIM: You can combine this workflow adding unlimited number of project related data and you got the Building Information Modeler.

The outcome:

The result is completely different. The most significant benefit of the model based approach is that when the changes made to any view the changes immediately reflected in all views.

The project cannot lose the coherent relationship of the views because all the views are simply a representation of the same model.

ARCHLine.XP is a complete building and interior design documentation software.

ARCHLine.XP is capable of being the only design production software in the company.

The workflow using ARCHLine.XP and AutoCAD together:

  • You can use AutoCAD and ARCHLine.XP together.
  • ARCHLine.XP can stand on its own.
  • New projects in ARCHLine.XP.
  • ARCHLine.XP can import and export DWG files

In the daily practice you can use AutoCAD and ARCHLine.XP together because of the existing huge number of DWG files.

You may choose to do new projects in ARCHLine.XP and you can import your archive DWG files anytime.

DWG file can be imported and exported from ARCHLine.XP project.

The fundamental difference:

AutoCAD – drafting workflow

ARCHLine.XP – modeling workflow

AutoCAD works with a drafting workflow, where individual drawing are created and edited separately.

ARCHLine.XP works with a modeling workflow where all documents come directly from a single unified model.