How to add a module with registration ID in ARCHline.XP?

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1.    Free module ID’s: 24,25,26,27,28,29

2.    Command to registrate a module> #systemdialog #external
Example : #systemdialog #external 24

3.    The registration dialog displays the content of these files:
C:Program Files (x86)ARCHline.XP 2012DialogPicturesModules/ External24.jpg
C:Program Files (x86)ARCHline.XP 2012DialogPicturesModules/ External24.txt

4.    The Menuxxx.txt file must contain the following command strings (Example with 2 module ID’s):

The command string must start with "#callmodule … to check the valid registration of the module.
The Menuxxx.txt file is located in the following user folder (example)
C:ProgramDataCadlineARCHlineXP2012 (visible for all login in the computer)
C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingCadlineARCHlineXP2012 (visible for only the current user login)

 POPUP "Utility"
        POPUP "&mAVP"    
        MENUITEM "Registration", "#systemdialog #external 24"
        MENUITEM "Activate toolbar mAVP", "#callmodule 24 mAVPmAVP_Bar.ppr"
        POPUP "&XML"
        MENUITEM "Registration", "#systemdialog #external 25"
        MENUITEM "&Export database ARCHline.XP in XML", "#callmodule 25 System\Utility\Structural\xmlStructuralExport.ppr"