Door Wizard

Discover how the Door Wizard woorks in ARCHLine.XP!

Join us for some minutes and watch this video in which you'll learn, step-by-step, how fast and easy to use the Door Wizard is in ARCHLine.XP.

You will experience:

  • Using the door wizard you can design complex door structures in a few steps.
  • This tool is designed to offer simple and easy to use options and possibilities to create a new hinged door
  • It is possible only by setting the main properties such as the handles, materials (even photos of the original door), framing with profile, threshold with profile, additional accessories and frontal profiles for decorating the door surface.

ARCHLine.XP provides professional software solution for new and renovated homes, offices, kitchens, bathrooms design combining CAD and visualization capabilities within one software package.


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