Modelling and furniture design

Modelling and furniture design


The Loft tool allows you to create complex models by simply defining a 3D path and several cross-sections along that path. The software will morph these cross sections into each other creating a complex 3D object.

Smart Object Parts

Smart Object Parts is an easy to use tool that gives you an efficient interface for creating complex furniture parts such as legs, chair backs, seats, and so on. You can create complex furnitures even without traditional 3D modelling experience!

Furniture Assembler

Using the Loft tool and the Furniture Assembler of ARCHLine.XP you can create various types of upholstered furniture. The result is modular, so you can freely exchange parts of the final furniture and build up an other one on demand.

Watch the video - Modelling Wenga Amboise Chair

Watch the video - Modelling Wenga Brionne sofa

Watch the video - Modelling Wenga Marseille Chair

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