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Honeycomb system

Honeycomb modular structure system

Honeycomb modular furniture system takes the hexagonal shape to allow its user to compose into different kind of furniture.

You can create a room divider, bookcase, to seating area by smartly arranging all these modules to fit your need, since they can be connected vertically or horizontally.


Modern sliding door bedroom closet furniture

Fitted Furniture Solutions
Unique fitted bedroom furniture and wardrobes that allows you to fit from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, even in the most awkward shaped bedrooms.
The furniture is designed to the sloping ceiling so that it fits exactly to the slope.

Sliding wardrobes enhances the storing capacity but also cover less area.
Editable double hanging spaces and bespoke shelving.



Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen with appliances
This modern modular kitchen includes built-in fridge, cooker hood, microvawe and ovens.



Modern modular kitchen

Modern modular kitchen
This modern modular kitchen sure is stunning and really attractive to the eye.



Egzot bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture
A Bedroom furniture in Egzot includes:                                                                                     

The bed
Dressing table



Kitchen in classic style

Bespoke Kitchen
Bespoke kitchen in classic style, and in the exact cabinet size you might need to suit your property.


Turned legs
Decorating cornice and pelmet
45-Degree Corner Cabinet
Grill-style cabinet door
21 vorious type of Cabinet
Kitchen island



Under Stair Storage Solution

Under Stair Storage Idea
Take advantage of wasted space under your stair with built-in storage units.



Living room cabinets

Solid wood two sides style cabinet.


Room divider cabinet
Glass Shelving cabinet
2-Door commode
Dado height wall panelling



Red retro kitchen

Red retro kitchen

This modern modular kitchen include built-in oven.



Laminate nut bar cabinet


Clossure base clossure cabinet with decor verge
Clossure wall cabinet clossure with decor verge
Wine holder wall cabinet
Open wall cabinet with decor verge
Sink corner base cabinet
Triangular prism cabinet



Classic english kitchen island

This classic modular kitchen island include built-in oven.



Curved kitchen


Unique curved base cabinet
Unique curved countertop



TV cabinet

Decorative TV cabinet.

Different colored pages
Decorative arch


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