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ARCHLine.XP® 2010 Release 2 - New features (with videos)

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ARCHLine.XP 2010 Release 2 extends the abilities and functions of the previous version! Please scroll down to see videos about the new features.

Click on the play button in the following video frames to start the video. Depending on your connection speed loading a video could take longer time, please be patient and enjoy the content!


Indoor module

Az ARCHLine.XP® 2010 R2 gathers all indoor tools in one single module. The Indoor module contains the following tools:

Indoor module is built-in part of ARCHLine.XP® 2010 R2 Interior version, and it is available for other versions also. Please ask your dealer for more!


Wardrobe wizard

ARCHLine.XP® 2010 R2 introduces a new tool for modelling wardrobes, drawers, cabinets and more. The new wizard helps you configuring the desired furniture in minutes. Finally, you can place it on your drawing and save it into the object library at the same time.


Furniture from manufacturers

Furniture from manufacturers tool in ARCHLine.XP is a continuously expanding object database. With the help of this tool you can access global sanitary, heating and air conditioner manufacturer companies’ product databases and use them free of charge in your design.


Roman blind

The roman blind wizard is a great tool to create roman blinds just by setting up some simple parameters.


Object by photo

Using the Object by photo tool you will be able to use parts of photos in your design as surfaces of real 3D objects. The idea of making an object by photo consist 4 steps.

  • Load photo
  • Define orthogonal surface
  • Save orthogonal surface as material
  • Define an object with the material on its surface

3DTV module

With ARCHLine.XP's new 3DTV module, customers feel the 3D space as walking around. You can walk in the 3D model feel like you could touch any part of it, because depth and distance becomes realistic as never before! If you create an animation walkthrough you can provide it as a recorded video to your customer. Red/cyan 3D glasses are needed to enjoy stereo visuals.


Layer management improvements

Layer tools are collected on a new Layer toolbar, separated from the Status toolbar. The new command the Layer walk tool helps you navigate through the existing layers of one drawing. The key point of using Layer walk is that it makes easy to switch on and off visibility of layers and visualize the effect at the same time on the drawing itself.


Inserting 3D model into photographic background

ARCHLine.XP 2010 Release 2 is introducing a new Estimation method to insert 3D models into photographic backgrounds besides the traditional tool. This new method is faster and easier to understand and needs less exact data given about the original environment.



There are other smaller improvements in Release 2 such as:

  • New markers for easy work
  • Command hints to help learning the tools
  • Roof structure improvements
  • Light sources - Intensity falloff
  • Improved light source selection, export, and management
  • Text Find & Replace tool

...and many more!
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ARCHLine.XP® 2010 Release 1 - New features (14 videos)

ARCHLine.XP 2010 Release 1 opens a new era with it’s next-gen professional tools, that helps to increase productivity, to improve creativity, and to create unique freeform shapes and spaces!

Free-form surface tool

Free-form surface tool in ARCHLine.XP 2010 is a sophisticated way to create natural, organic shapes.Set detailed properties of free-form shapes, and design as never before! Create beautiful 3D surfaces, and impress your clients! Watch how easy is to design such elements with ARCHLine.XP!


Example: complex curtain wall

You can define complex curtain wall surfaces quickly and easily


Example: Solar shading structure

Please watch an example of using free-form tool!


Example: Custom vault

Please watch an example of using free-form tool!


Complex surfaces

With ARCHLine.XP’s new tent tool you can define these complex surfaces quickly and easily. Thanks to it’s flexibility you have continuous control over tent elements, and you can reshape them any time you want and also you can set all the details you need. You can cut the surface of a tent, or add cables, change the physics inside the structure, and you can form a wide range of organic shapes and structures.


Snapshot tool

Snapshot is a raster image that is taken in a 3D window. Snapshot enables you to create attractive coloured documentation of elevation views and floor plans. It is a special raster image that keeps the 3D model vertex points so you can precisely measure distances and angles on that 3D view raster image.


Snapshot tool - 2D Floorplan example

Watch this movie to see how to use Snapshot to create coloured floorplans.


Model by photo

In ARCHLine.XP 2010 there is a way to create detailed photorealistic 3D model with full texture! With one or more photos of the same thing a 3D-model can be designed just in a few steps! Convert your perspective view to orthogonal view and save it as texture. Create your real size volume in 3D and stretch your new texture on it!


Sleek Interface

The high-quality DirectX engine – already implemented earlier in ARCHLine.XP – is improved in the new version. 3D previews, profile previews, explanation drawings and nearly every dynamic content is live now. You can pan, and rotate drawings and 3D models in property windows too. With the new abilities you can see objects in 3D during move, elevate and rotate like in real, and it is easier to see if they are accidentally overlapping each other in 3D.

Perspective views are now much more easy to set and handle, and you can organize your previously saved views in a more comfortable and clear way.

Elements containing many properties - such as walls or slabs – got a new and more comfortable property-window. These windows are so flexible that you can even re-organize them.

…and the list of new features of interface is still not over! Try it for yourself and feel how easy is to work with ARCHLine.XP 2010!


Terrain Import from Google Earth

The well-working connection between ARCHLine.XP and Google Earth is extended. Now you can import Google terrain data also, and afterwards you can handle and edit it as a Terrain element in ARCHLine.XP 2010.


Dormer roof

Thanks to the new robust and easy dormer roof tool in ARCHLine.XP 2010 you can create sophisticated dormer roof structures in one single step. Let’s see how!


3D solid modelling

Thanks to the new developments, 3D solid modeller of ARCHLine.XP 2010 is more perfect. The software keeps originals of substracted parts, and you can handle, edit and transform them as individual elements later on, freely as never before! Extruded profiles can be edited later and changes are visible instantly in 3D. Let's try how easy to edit 3D solids with the improved 3D solid modeller.


Creating curtains

Introducing this new feature, ARCHLine.XP 2010 makes revolution in designing natural, physically realistic 3D curtains! In ARCHLine.XP 2010 you can create perfectly realistic curtains just in a few steps! Have you dreamt of designing natural, wavy or two-sided curtains? Your dream came true! Watch how easy is to design such elements with ARCHLine.XP!


Designing Table cloth

In ARCHLine.XP 2010 the design of realistic table cloth is not a hard job anymore! The easy interface of the Table Cloth Wizard helps you to create amazing complex shapes just in a few steps! If you want to control the details of the table cloth, you have all the tools in 2D or 3D!


3D Textiles

Besides curtain and tablecloths tools there is the possibility in ARCHLine.XP 2010 to design any 3D Textiles. Standalone between design softwares, you can define the so-called layout of a textile and after you can redesign it freely in 3D space too. You can even fix edges of 3D textile, hang it with its corner nodes and give forces changing its shape. That's all!


Next-gen light source handling

Handling of light sources in ARCHLine.XP 2010 is completely different than before. Dropping its previous limits there is a next generation life-like approach on creating light sources. You don't need to think about different complicated relationships between settings. All you need to know is what type you want to use: halogen, LED, linear, neon or others. Even you can create your own light sources with full control over the settings.

YouTube video

Uniquely between design softwares, in ARCHLine.XP you can study simple effects of artificial lights in real-time 3D. You can focus on the most important design process, and you do not need to think over technical details.


Batch Render

ARCHLine.XP 2010 replaces useless waiting time into productive work time when you are about to create spectacular rendered images. It helps to shift resource-cost rendering to a better period of the day.

With the help of Batch Render function of ARCHLine.XP 2010 you can collect preset scenes from many different projects, and even you can collect multiple settings for one single scene-set in a list. Collected render works can be started later with one click, and the software will create the photorealistic rendered images, using previously stored scenes and settings. You don't need to search and load different projects with stored views any more!


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