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DirectX in 3D

The ARCHLine.XP® 2009 put the appearance of drawing and 3D contents on different technological bases. This new technology is the Microsoft DirectX, with its help can use efficiently the ability of the video card.
The DirectX give possibility to represent the 2D and 3D contents much faster and better quality. Due to this you have a chance to handle larger and more complicated plans and other drawings or models. You can represent in higher quality the 3D content of your projects with the help of the View Walk and Fly commands.


DirectX in 2D

The DirectX technology makes the 2D window's appearence significantly faster while shifting or zooming. It also improves the quality of the visualisation.



The main point of using ARCHLine.XP® markers is that it is very easy to handle them.
After indicating every drawing element special markers belonging to that element appear and with help of special markers frequent modifications can be completed quickly. Using markers, reduces time, increases design speed and can be learned easily.


3D Warehouse

Google 3D Warehouse™ is a free Google service by which anyone can download and use web-published 3D models for free. 3D Warehouse™ is a continuously growing database of models, which can be represented in the projects with different textures. There is a wide range of models, including buildings, furniture, cars, people and many other objects.
ARCHline.XP® is integrated with Google 3D Warehouse™ web portal, so the selected model can be inserted directly into an ARCHLine.XP® project and ARCHLine.XP® object library.


Layer Groups

There is a possibility to arrange layers to groups and handle together the layers belonging to the same group.



In the Toolbox in the Structural elements folder there is a new element, the Truss.
You can create simple truss beam-structures with truss.
You can select the following types: Vierendeel, Brown, Howe, Pratt, Warren 1, Warren 2.


Opening in the Curtain Wall

You can easily prepare complex glazed structures, curtain walls. After preparing the main structure elements you can fit without restriction openings to the curtain wall fitting to the structure elements.


3D extension of line elements

There is a possibility to create line nature elements designed in the 3D window into 3D form.
You can create necessary simple models in the conception planning phase fast and easily, what’s more this method can be used well for creating surface nature elements necessary to the detailed spectacle plans, for example creating curtains.


Extension of DWG import

The AutoCAD® DWG files can contain 3D surfaces, which are created by drawing out lines, arches, and polygons in 3D, by determining the so-called Thickness of the elements.
You can also create such surfaces in the ARCHline.XP® 2009 (see in 3D extension of line nature elements chapter), and the program can import the AutoCADŇ DWG files containing these elements.


Design Center

The ARCHLine.XP® 2009 Design Center gives a more flexible and simple way to handle its content.
You can generally use the Drag and drop method in the Design Center at elements systematization, for example in case of copy and move.


Drawing Recovery Manager

The ARCHLine.XP 2009 gives an efficient helping hand to recover former projects and drawings of these projects on the hard disks of the computer.


Quick View Toolbar

In the ARCHLine.XP® 2009 version you can easily and simply look over the drawings in the project owing to the quick view toolbar. Besides you can change between the drawings.


Building volume control

In ARCHLine.XP® 2009 there is a possibility to determine the volume of the building in visual form. In big densely populated towns with thick built-up areas it is important to maximize the volume of the building according to the regulations, maximum, height and solar access protection.


Solar access protection

The ARCHLine.XP® 2009 provides a great opportunity to survey the solar access of the building or its rooms. The advantage of the function is that it is prepared in clear graphical form, which is easy to survey and with its help we can support the proper solar access of the designed building’s room.


Symbol at line end points

With ARCHLine.XP® 2009 it is possible to place symbols at end points of certain types of elements.


Replacing of groups

With the replacement of identical elements it is possible to replace groups identical with the selected one with another one.


Plot layout developments

The plot layout developments made in ARCHLine.XP® 2009 ensures more comfortable and flexible editing when you place drawing parts with different scale.
After paste it is possible to edit the boundary of the drawing parts.


Picture on wall

With the Picture on wall function of ARCHLine.XP® 2009 it is easy to put pictures on different surfaces of interior spaces.
The Picture on wall is always based on an image which is supplemented with a frame and paspartou.


Switching the reference line of walls

The command exchanges the reference line of the wall without changing the position of the wall.


Elevation Shadow


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