The new way to illustrate home furnishings and real estate sales

Virtual Home Staging 2015

Buying or selling a home is very exciting but stressful activity. Virtual staged 3D room is a great tool to impress your clients.

Design your clients dream room to match their unique lifestyle.

Transform the property photo into a beautiful virtual staged home so it looks its best and everyone will want!.

ARCHLine.XP is the software that offers you doing Virtual Staging by yourself!

Easy to use, versatile, fast and accurate!

ARCHLine.XP 2016 is ready for download!

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3D experience from a single photo

Inspired by Real Estate Agents.
Selling a Home with 3D Power.

Virtual Staging is a great tool to showcase the vacant property as an attractive virtually staged home.



Follow this simple, 4 step creation process

1. Import and transform the room photo into a 3D virtual room.

2. Remove unwanted details in 3D from the walls, floor and ceiling

3. Add furniture and other decorative elements.

4. Create the photorealistic image.

ARCHLine.XP Virtual Home Staging video tutorial





How does it work?

1. Open a room photo file.

2. Set-up the corner points along the vertical and horizontal edges on the room photo.

3. Assign the measurements and let the software convert it into real 3D room.

4. Clean the room surface images to remove unwanted furniture or lamps.

5. Drag it and drop the new furniture, fabrics, light, and other decorative elements in the floor plan or directly in the 3D window.

6. Change wall colors, floor or try to add a rug.

7. Create a rendering image.

8. Publish it for you clients.

3D virtual room makes it possible to see how items will fill the space.

You can download furniture from furniture gallery like 3D Warehouse or other repositories. You can create easily a unique and impressive look for every home.


Try before you buy – Download the TRIAL and use for 30 days

Trial version

You can download the Trial version. Trial version is free for 30 days, so you can play around and see if it's something you'd like to use.


Is the subscription fee is cheaper than just buying the program flat out?

Perpetual license

If you have strong feelings about the fact that you want to own the software you should buy a perpetual license. The first investment is higher than a Subscription license but you can use the software as long as you wish.


Subscription model is a monthly usage fee replacing the upfront and maintenance licensing fees. If you think on a monthly budget the Subscription license would be a better choice because the first investment is smaller than that of a perpetual license and you know exactly what you can expect in the future. Subscription licensing includes all updates, patches, and new versions as they occur.

Its monthly fee is less than just placing one order for any virtual staging service company.

The monthly fee starts from $50. It costs much less than an average priced $225 for 3 virtually staged photos.

You will be independent and you have another very important tool in your marketing package.

Help & Ease of Use

Video Tutorials

If you're struggling to adjust to the software, you can access many of the video tutorialsonline. Browse through Beginner, Familiar or Expert level videos. You can also watch the workshop tutorials or watch videos of the other users’ presentations.


Interior Design workshops are designed to give you the practical advice you need to be an expert designer using CAD software designer. You can take one of our in-person or live online workshops, which are capped at 5 participants so you'll have lots of opportunity to ask questions and get the information you need.
Duration: In-Person or Online workshop - 2 hours


Tech Support

All purchased software comes with a no questions asked, 14-day money-back guarantee and online support for the subscription time or 12 months from the date of purchase.Technical Support via phone, e-mail, TeamViewer and Skype is also part of the package.

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