ARCHLine.XP Professional and Studio version features

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What's the difference between ARCHLine.XP Professional and Studio?
We often get this question from clients. Following the release of the ARCHLine.XP 2010 the gap between Professional and Studio has increased with the  special functions for Interior Design.You can do most of the architectural tasks in both versions.
There are three main group of functions that cannot be created in ARCHLine.XP Studio:
-Rendering and Virtual Staging
-Terrain modelling,
-Interior design.
Import / Export sources Studio Professional
ARCHLine Showroom - download fabrics and 3D models from manufacturers Supported Supported
Google 3D Warehouse - download three dimensional models Supported Supported
Autocad DWG/DXF import/export Supported Supported
SketchUp, 3D Studio import/export Supported Supported
Architectural design tools  Studio Professional
Architectural tools Supported Supported
2D Drafting tools  Supported Supported
Dimensioning Supported Supported
Sections, wall elevations Supported Supported
Door and window maker Supported Supported
Room-book Supported Supported
Terrain tools   Supported
Comparative Drawing   Supported
Interior design tools Studio Professional
Cabinet and worktop maker   Supported
Furniture assembler   Supported
Room maker   Supported
Sanitary ware   Supported
Mood board   Supported
Interior design tools   Supported
Soft furnishing   Supported
Tiling   Supported
Printing Studio Professional
Printing, PDF Export Supported Supported
Printing Layout Supported Supported
Printing Queue Supported Supported
Visuals Studio Professional
3D perspective visuals Supported Supported
Export to ArtLantis, Thea and Cinema 4D render Supported Supported
Rendering   Supported
Animation   Supported
Virtual Staging   Supported
Collaboration Studio Professional
Panorama 360: Share visual ideas on web with clients   Supported
Group work Supported Supported
Compatibility Studio Professional
Windows, Mac Supported Supported
Protection Software Software or hardlock protection