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Our Design Service is designed to fit seamlessly into your design company's existing structure.
Black and white or colored floor plans.  3D Floor Plans branded with your company colors.
Deliver your project on time & budget, stress free!

We provide the digital 3D Architectural model of your project. YOU coordinate the finishing, the decoration and the furnishing, accessories and artwork. 

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Final architecture project

We convert your floor plan into 3D Architectural model within 5 working days.



One storey from

170 GBP*

Loft conversion from

200 GBP*

 *Estimated prices. Contact us with your project ideas to get a personal offer.
*The prices listed above exclude value added tax which may be due.


What we need

  • Floor plan of the apartment to be modeled: DWG, PDF or JPEG format
  • Sizes and measurements
  • Wall views, section views
  • Photos of the existing building


What you will get

  • The architecture project in ARCHLine.XP
  • The projects includes the following elements: walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs
  • In the case of the loft conversion the projects also includes the roof.
  • The projects does not include any finishing, balustrade, decoration or furniture.

Further questions?

Feel free to contact us by or calling on +44 (0)20 8785 5772

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