Virtual home staging service

Are you aiming to demonstrate an empty apartment as an attractive virtually staged home? Would you like to see how your room would look like with the new set of furniture you have in mind? We can transform your photo by digitally adding furniture, curtains and other décor allowing you to see how they virtually look in your property.

Registration and ordering

Fill the form and get your offer!

Upload your image

Upload or send us your images.

Finished images

We create the 3D model based on the images you submit. Photorealistic image of the virtually furnished room sent to you within 5 working days of the order and the fee receipt.





1 staged image based on 1 photo

150 GBP*

2 staged image based on 1 photo

200 GBP*

 *Estimated prices. Contact us with your project ideas to get a personal offer.
*The prices listed above exclude value added tax which may be due.


What we need

  • A high quality photo of the empty room
  • A detailed description of your ideas
  • Any materials or reference photos regarding the desired style and furniture


What you will get

  • High quality virtually staged photo of the room


Further questions?

Feel free to contact us by or calling on +44 (0)20 8785 5772

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