ARCHLine.XP Online Support

Our experienced support and training team ensures that ARCHLine.XP users achieve the maximum return on their investment.

CadLine offers personal support on issues related to download, installation, usage and much more. If you need help accomplishing a task, have a question about our software,  need a workaround for an issue, we are here to help you!

You are not alone. Get the best Support when and how you need!


Support options

Contact method
Online - Skype or Teamviewer checkmark
Tel.: +44(0)20 8785 5772 checkmark
Service Level
Support availability UK Business day 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m
Response time Within 3 business days
Services covered
Installation, registration, licensing issues checkmark
Feature requests checkmark
Quick help in the project checkmark
Bug report checkmark
Support period Subscription time or 12 month

CadLine offers Online Support for its customers, which  enables you to receive technical support throughout the contracted period.


You can use your free Skype account to get help when you need. With Skype you can talk to your supporter and you can also show your screen via screen-sharing.


Teamviewer is a desktop sharing application. It allows you not only sharing the screen with your supporter but you can also give a safe remote access to your desktop, so the supporter can effectively help you on your computer. You can start the Teamviewer module either from ARCHLine.XP by using the Help menu / Teamviewer option or you can use the following link to download and run it:


CadLine responds to USER questions within 3 business days of receipt by email or Skype or phone.

Initial response will consist of:

  • An answer, a suggested resolution.
  • Request for more information necessary to provide a response.
  • If the USER discovers a fault in the Software and reports it to CadLine, together with any further information such as error messages, circumstances and data being processed, which CadLine may request, CadLine will investigate and either advise the USER of a means of successfully undertaking the required operation, or advise the estimated time to solve the problem or will supply the USER with a patch version of the Software or
  • CadLine will advise USER when the question is an apparently insolvable problem.

CadLine will exercise best efforts to begin to diagnose and to resolve severe problem as soon as reasonable possible, but does not guarantee the resolution in every single circumstances.
CadLine product support is not obliged to respond to USER questions:

  • if the software and hardware conditions do not meet the minimum requirements of the SOFTWARE published on System requirements site.
  • if the question is related to customization, code de-bugging, operating systems or other system software or third-party software features, networks or computer peripherals.
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