Print to PDF dialogue with unreadable texts

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After an update of Windows 10 operating system, an error may occur in the File menu -> Print to PDF dialogue: unreadable texts occur. This may happen when default printer is not selected.

The resolution of the problem is the following: in Control Panel - Devices and Printers, set one printer - for example Microsoft Print to PDF - as default and then restart ARCHLine.XP.





Go to the File menu - Print dialog and change the printer setting to Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Click OK. Go to the File menu - Print dialog again and the dialogue strings appear correctly.


If there is no progress in the solution of the problem, please follow these steps:

Install a PDF printer, for example the free PDF printer from BullZip.


After installation, make BullZip PDF printer as default printer and then restart ARCHLine.XP. When you still experience the unreadable strings problem in the printing dialogue, select BullZip PDF printer in the printing dialogue and then print a PDF file with the actual settings. After printing a PDF document, open the printing dialogue again. The strings must appear correctly in the dialogue and then you can change to another printer if you like. Unfortunately, the problem may occur again when you use the Window or Printable Area options in the printing dialogue (in these cases you have to specify a rectangle area on the drawing and then turn back to the printing dialogue to continue the printing settings). Now select BullZip PDF printer and print a PDF document with the actual settings. After printing, open the printing dialogue again. The program stores the previous settings and the strings appear correctly. Also, you can change to another printer without spoiling the strings again.