ARCHLine.XP 2011 Troubleshooting

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Build 237 (Released version)

  • Bug fix: new material names appear correctly in Word and Excel lists (Add-on menu -> Quantity take-off).
  • Bug fix: Assigning area type of light source in 3D is working.
  • Bug fix: Status bar - drop-down with the reference icons (commands) is working correctly.
  • Shift + left mouse click for selection : if you click on an empty space the selection will not disappear.
  • Bug fix: Group parameters of section symbols are not editable in the group properties dialog.
  • Dimension: Additional text on section height dimensioning is possible.
  • Bug fix in Room book: In case of DIN standard it was not possible to set the room height to a value lower than 1.9 m.
  • More reliable saving by error messages.
  • Bug fix in file management: name conflict errors are resolved.
  • Bug fix: Creating of closed chain of beams / Open chain of beams.

Build 223 (Released version)

  • Bug fix: Adding light source to beams/columns/picture on wall etc. is not possible anymore.

  • Also, the program removes these light sources from previously generated projects.
  • Bug fix: Ballustrade - Drilling tool in 3D was not applicable on ballustrade object.
  • Bug fix: DXF/DWG file import - Ignore empty layers option didn't work correctly.
  • Bug fix: More objects with the same name can be created in the same category.
  • Bug fix: Tooltip disappeared as soon as you went over an object created by Wardrobe wizard.
  • Bug fix: All layers became visible on the plot layout after placing a drawing onto the plot layout.
  • Bug fix: DWG import crashed if Ignore empty layers option was selected.
  • Bug fix: Select and Enter menu in the top-left corner of a drawing window stayed on the top in other applications, too.
  • Bug fix: MENUITEM "Start new volume", SM3_MOD13 command didn't work.
  • Bug fix: Insert as table command did not work in the Building calculation dialog (Add-on -> Quantity take-off -> Consignation -> Selection command)

Build 189 (Released version)

  • Change in the installation set:

  • ARCHlineXP2011.exe -> ARCHlineXP2011.bin
    New files in the Exe directory:
    • SetupLauncher.exe
    • ARCHlineXP2011.exe (small size, only for starting the SetupLauncher.exe)
    • ALS 2.0.dll

  • Installed .Net 2.0 is a prerequisite for starting ARCHline.XP 2011
    The above changes make the automatic update possible.
    New menu: Help -> Check for updates...
    New button in the About dialog: Updates
  • File -> Export -> Render: big buttons for "Web render service" and "Thea Render"
  • Freeform surface: direction setting in the material properties takes effect on all elements with freeform origin
  • Soft furnishing: when you convert a soft furnishing to Curtain/Roman blind/Venetian blind/Roman blind/Vertical blind, the material will be kept
  • New development of electrical accessories: in case of more elements it is possible to define material for each element
  • New option in the Lightworks rendering dialog: Use lights
  • Resolved: 0004124: Other : Deleting by the marker icon doesn't work in some cases
  • Resolved: 0004122: Column : Beam end profile editing - it doesn't work for with slanted beams
  • Resolved: 0004126: Dimension : Serial dimension falls apart when you move node

Build 188

  • Resolved: 0004129: Image : Snapshot image dimensioning doesn't work

Build 184

  • Change in the menu:

  • 3D -> Arch. object-> 3D solid command is copied to Modify -> Arch. object-> 3D solid

Build 182

  • "" character is denied in object names (it caused crash in the Design Center by renaming elements)

Build 180

  • Lamp selection is possible from the Object properties dialog in case of lamp (until now you could select only objects)

Build 179

  • Bug fix - print layout: invisible layers became visible on the plot layout after drag&drop
  • Local menu - element ID appears even if you have one element selected

Build 174

  • New string in for the photo projection on the frontal face of the wall:

  • PROMPT+1538 "Select photo to project on the frontal face of the wall. Texture is applied to the portion of face that are shown in the photo."
  • Systemdialog XML (export): column and beam profiles are exported
  • Bug fix: wrong scale of floors on the layout
  • Bug fix: Thea Render didn't work in Studio version
  • Bug fix: North sign turns to the right direction
  • When a translation file is missing, *.eng will be used by default
  • Bug fix: printing - texts at the border of the drawing were clipped
  • Bug fix: #CLAYER #ACTIVE #SLAYERNAME "layername" command did not work with negative layer index
  • Bug fix: #clayer new "Poligoni" command assigned a wrong layer index

Build 172

  • Bug fix: importing of 3DS elements without loosing faces

Build 170

  • Perspective settings dialog is faster (when you have a large model in the 3D window)

Build 169

  • Print dialog (in 2D window): when you change the printer properties through the Properties button, it will affect the settings correctly in the Print dialog
  • Ctrl+Click for selection on the floor plan is working for Electrical Accessory and Outdoor Shader (in case of interior version)
  • Freeform Surface set error (materials) is resolved

Build 166

  • Importing problem of dxf ATTRDEF is resolved
  • Development of cabinet wizard:
    • side panels are removable
    • custom handles of drawers can be added
    • Profile Inner Loop Material/Profile Outer Loop Material can be selected
  • The resizable Material management dialgog keeps its size after restarting the program
  • Memory leakage in 3D Window (shadow handling) is eliminated, there is no slowdown
  • Roof by 3 points works correctly even if you use the F value in the general properties of roof

Build 157

  • New menu item: File -> Import -> Collection
  • New option in the rendering: Use Light Solids
  • Developer version expiration date is modified to 30.06.2011.
  • New window in the Sliding windows.oli:

  • doublehung-double-rfa-divided
    Sliding up double divided

Build 151

  • A new profile is added to Door.oli -> Exterior door 59

  • " ARCHline.XP 2011/Always_Install/CommonAppDataDir/Oli/Profile/Door.oli"
  • 4103/200 resolved: crash with lights

Build 149

  • 4103/201 is resolved: 2D not visible option is working for objects

Build 148

  • Antialiasing setting is
    • Off by default on ATI cards (because some cards makes ARCHline extremely slow when antialiasing is on),
    • On by default on NVIDIA cards.
  • The old 'systemdialog door' command is enabled.
  • The old 'systemdialog window' command is enabled.
  • The old 'systemdialog object' command is enabled.
  • How to add a module with registration ID in ARCHline.XP 2011

Build 136

  • Reveal width for windows can be activated separately for the left and right side.
  • Separator lines between doors and windows next to each other depends on the heights of doors/windows.
  • Preferences -> Other -> Comma (,) in Decimal point option is registry and lanuage-dependent. By default it is switched off except in case of Hungarian language:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECadLineARCHline.XP2011screen parameters]

Build 135

  • Resolved: 0003818: Printing : Copy with rectangle / polygon - priority gets lost on the plot layout
  • New option in the Preferences -> Marker settings dialog

  • Special shortcut
    * CTRL + Left click: Fast Delete Command Enabled
    DLGOFFSET+4932 "CTRL + Left click: Fast Delete Command Enabled"
    DLGOFFSET+4933 "Special shortcut"

Build 134

  • Hatch setting in the Column properties dialog works again.

Build 133

  • New options in the Graphics setting:
    • Texture shading (%)
    • Dynamic section transparency (%9
  • Drag and drop materials from the file browser (jpg, bmp images) to the Design Center is available again.

  • w developments:
  • AutoCAD 2010 file format compatibility for export/import
  • Sketchup 8 format compatibility for export/import
  • Google terrain import works again
  • Rendering update (Lightworks 8.3)
  • Move toolbar is switched off by default. Move toolbar elements are put into a drop-down list in the Status bar.

Build 130

  • Selection button - we removed the text from the button, only the icon remained.
  • Resolved: 0003997: Dimension : Distance dimensioning doesn't work between points represented by symbols
  • Allow to create roof planes with 90 degrees for lightweight buildings:

  • In the Pitch and shape dialog you can specify the 2D representation of the roof plane: 2D of single vertical roof plane

Build 128

  • Default new project name can be controlled through registry settings as follow:

  • KEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECadLineARCHline.XP2011Environment Params]
    efault file name when you create a new project
  • New files in the Exe directory for SketchUp 8 compatibility:

  • xerces-c_2_6.dll
  • Graphical representation of opening direction in the RTF list of Openings is resolved.

Build 124

  • Cursor position tooltip and Cursor info tooltip settings work correctly (Preferences dialog).

  • These settings are saved into the template file.
  • FTP server address for uploading projects/groups/objects can be found in

  • DLGOFFSET+7013 "" //ftp server address
    Username and password come from here:
    DLGOFFSET+7017 "*" //username
    DLGOFFSET+7018 "*" //password
    Without specifying username/password, all items will be uploaded/downloaded to/from
    Otherwise you have to specify username/password in

Build 107

  • Thea Render can be started only with perspective setting
  • Virtual staging and Rendering modules are separated
  • Quick selection dialog appears on the top left position of the active window.
  • View -> Section -> Dynamic Wall Elevation View: the workflow has changed:
    • Select a wall
    • Define the view direction
    • Move node (if necessary)
    • Enter
  • Command changes in ARCHline.XP 2011 vs ARCHline.XP 2010:

  • door openscan -> door change
    modify dtext fasttext -> modify text fasttext
    New syntax for door/window mirroring:
    "Mirror", "#door#mirroring"
    New syntax for door direction changes::
    "Exchange Left-Right Direction", "#door #change #other "
    "Exchange In-Out Direction", "#door #change #mirroring "

Build 106

  • Resolvde: 0004097: Roof : Allow to create roof planes with 90 degrees for lightweight buildings - suggestion
  • Properties and Delete stickers are always visible. (This setting is removed from the preferences dialog.)
  • Light manager - When you create a new user-defined light source in Light source folders you can create/modify the name of the light source in the

  • neral properties (right side of the dialog).

Build 105

  • New popmenu command for doors/windows: Change 2D group

  • "Change 2D Group", "#window #changegroup %s"
  • Key combination for deleting an element has changed: Ctrl+Click -> Ctrl+Shift+Click
  • Create similar command works for 'Symbol at line end point',too.

Build 104

  • FTP server address for uploading projects/groups/objects can be found in

  • DLGOFFSET+7013 "" //ftp server address
  • View button is deleted in the Design Center
  • File menu -> Export -> Thea

  • This is a THEA RENDERING possibility for those who haven't ordered the rendering modul for ARCHline.
  • Resolved: 0004114: Others : Offset command - you cannot use an existing node
  • Resolved: 0003851: Terrain : Slope definition is not working on the plateau (Tereprendezés_Seres_Á.pro)
  • Resolved: 0004071: Dimension : Wall dimensioning - unnecessary to apply the Select keyword

Build 103

  • Animation function has been simplified - specification of the heights of nodes are not requested. The default height is 1,6 m. At the end

  • the command the animation viewer starts automatically.
  • Material management dialog - now there is only one view. Also there is a search possibility by typing a text.

Build 101

  • Material management dialog : Material from file function is removed
  • 3D model export : light solids are not exported
  • Oli files in the ..OliBallustrade.. directory are converted to objects and moved to ..OliGenobjBalustrades.oli
  • Changes in the Registry:

  • LanguageMode specifies the language of the interface.
    LanguageModeEnabled specifies whethere the language switch is enabled or disabled in the Preferences dialog
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeCadLineARCHline.XP2011screen parameters]
    "Eng", // english 0
    "Ita", // Italian 1
    "Esp", // Esp 2
    "Hun", // Hun 3
    "Ger", // Ger 4
    "Gre", // Gre 5
    "Cz", // Cz 6
    "Pol", // Pol 7
    "Eng", // Cr 8
    "Nl", // Nl 9
    "Kor", // Kor 10
    "JP", // JP 11

Build 96

  • Plinth directory is deleted from the Oli directory. Plinth.oli is regenerated from the appropriate macros as object and moved to the OliGenobj directory
  • Renaming:

  • Wardrobe Wizard -> Cabinet Wizard

Build 93

  • Roombook volume color problem is fixed (so far it was not possible to change it)
  • Markers learning mode bug is fixed
  • New command for activating the Project navigator:

  • systemdialog activate

Build 92

  • Developer version expiration date is modified to 30.04.2011.

Build 89

  • Material management dialog development: with mouseover the picture of the selected material is magnified.
  • New menus:

  • File menu -> Export -> Upload
    * Project
    * Object
    * Group

Build 87

  • New addition to the Toolbox: Building -> Accessories -> Convert object to Door/Window

Build 84

  • Systemdialog XML (export)

  • ShoulderWidth for doors and windows is included (Reveal width in the door/window dialog = Shoulderwidth)
    Position -> DistanceFromWallEndPt
    DoorStep; -> ThresholdLine;
    WidthOfGSide; -> DDoorBiggerSide;

Build 80

  • New options in the Build 3D model dialog - Lamps, Accessory
  • 'systemdialog XML' command - Legth1 and Length2 parameters are exported correctly (so far they were equal).
  • Stair 2D Shadow command is removed by Valerio's request.
  • XpKeyword files are not used anymore.
  • Enhancing the representation in DirectX3D window:
    • Antialiasing works on ATI cards by default.
    • Texture shading.

Build 79

  • Resolved: 0004048: Freeform surface : Contour with profile - profile rotates along the contour path
  • Degree character representation is resolved in the japanese and korean versions.
  • Artlantis export UV mapping problems are resolved.

Build 78

  • Developer version expiration date is modified to 31.03.2011.
  • Template file management dialog is reorganized (Layer settings button has been removed).

Build 76

  • Resolved: 0004089: Layer : Layer priority mode switches on when you open and close the Layer management dialog on Windows XP
  • On Windows Vista Google terrain import doesn't work properly when Windows Aero function is on. Therefore the program automatically

  • switches off Windows Aero before Google terrain import and then switches it on by completing the import.

Build 67

  • Roof layer distance from roof end is applied to the half-hipped plane of the roof, too.
  • Picture on wall command -> This command places the picture automatically on the wall with the correct direction and rotation. You only have

  • drag the picture near to the wall. Otherwise the command works like any other object placement.

Build 66

  • In the header of the floor-plan window the sum of the absolute height of the actual floor plus the height relative to the actual floor is displayed.

Build 65

  • Automatic naming of floors has changed. The translation of levels are not coming from the registry but the resource dll files.

  • This registry settings can be deleted from the setup:
    "UpperLevel"="Level %d"
    "BelowLevel"="Level %d"
  • Sentinel System Driver 7.5.0 is replaced to Sentinel System Driver 7.5.2 in the program setup file.
  • Online help is available in English and Hungarian (depending on the language selection).

  • This is the setting in met_map50.rc file:
    At the same time, we removed this setting from the reg file:
  • Rendering settings dialog - Window size is a new option for Image size. With this setting you can see the same on the rendered image

  • as you can see in the 3D window.
  • Displaying of multi-layered walls are available in the interior version, too.

Build 60

  • Room book development: New option in the Wall properties dialog -> Do not consider for room book
  • New development - 0004104: Edit : DELETE SELECT command must work for doors/windows

  • When you select multiple doors/windows in walls by shift+click, you can delete them by the delete button on the Edit toolbar or
    by the red X marker.
  • Resolved: 0004065: Roof : Roof plane by reference line - Possibility to modify the reference line of inclination - suggestion

  • New commands in the local menu:
    • Edit structural line

  • - Move node of reference line (#roof movenode #cline <> #constline)
    - Offset reference line (#roof stretch #cline <> #constline)
  • Print dialog
    • Orientation setting is relocated to the Previed dialog.
    • Drawing size is displayed in the print dialog.
  • Print to PDF or Print to printer commands - the printer/PDF selection in the print dialog is independent from the settings in the printer set

  • (until now the printer selection - PDF or printer - was also taken into consideration).
  • Inside the Perspective and Light manager dialogs the views (front view, top view etc.) are locked.

Build 59

  • The stickers of light sources are always visible
  • Create new material from image file: you have the possibility to modify the material name. By default, the material name will be identical

  • with the name of the image file.
    Create new materials from image files (multiple image file selection): the names of the new materials will be identical with the image
    files from which you create the materials. Duplication is avoided by renaming identical material names, for example
    stone -> stone(1)
  • Text - Place command - now you can resize and scroll the Text actuals dialog which is used for text input.
  • New command in the Toolbox: Building -> Light -> Place Lamp
  • Absolute height and Height from floor data can be read from tooltip and property manager for the following elements:

  • wall, slab, object, beam, column, plinth, roof.

Build 53

  • Outdoor Shader is in the Interior menu : Building menu - Outdoor tools - Outdoor Shader
  • Developer version expiration date is modified to 28.02.2011.
  • In case of some linetypes (for example ZIGZAGLINE, WAVYLINE) printing error occurred when these lines were located at the border

  • of the drawing. These linetypes were not printed entirely. This error is resolved now.

Build 51

  • Resolved: 0004098: File management : Losing drawing through the Project navigator
  • Resolved: 0003155: File management : Change the associated icons for .pro and .asc files - suggestion

  • With this registry setting the program will not set back the original icons for .pro and .asc files:

Build 50

  • Offset of a polyline element (that includes arcs and splines) keeps its polyline properties and doesn't fall apart to its elements

  • (0002159: Polyline : Polyline with arcs - should be an option (AutoCAD compatibility) - suggestion)
  • Balustrade commands are standard in 2D/3D window.

Build 47

  • roofSlabBeams.asc has changed in the installation set because of the new roof dialog.
  • Wall on elevation view command has changed: dynamic section plus snapshot commands are executed.
  • Delete sticker is red.
  • New development: Building - Indor Tools - Electrical Accessory

  • New files for electrical accessories:
    Oli/Profile/Electrical switches and sockets/Borders.oli
    Oli/Profile/Electrical switches and sockets/Functions.oli
    Materials/Electrical switches/..
  • Google terrain : Windows Aero is switched off automatically and Google Earth window is repositioned to achieve colourful.

  • screenshot. Google terrain import doesn't work if you minimize the Google Earth window.

Build 45

  • New development:

  • Subcommands are displayed in the toolbox. You can edit the subcommands by the SubCommand Editor.
    For this you must use the 'usertype 4' command and then you can call it by right mouse click on the subcommand.
    The original English subcommands are found in the SubCommand.eng file. There is also a SubCommand.bmp file in the Support directory.
    In the SubCommand Editor dialog 'Icon change' value referes to the position of the icon displayed. These icons come from SubCommand.bmp.
    The original English subcommand are translated in the files to the specific language.
  • Object, doors/windows properties dialog - author information is not displayed if there is no author.
  • Tools menu -> Design Module is removed.
  • New development: Search toolbar. This is a new toolbar for searching materials, objects, groups, doors, windows etc.
  • Raster image -> Define orthogonal view command: now it is possible to cut out an image from an image.

  • Raster image -> Save as material: a small dialog appears where you can directly define the name of the material.

Build 44

  • Resolved: 0004079: Terrain : Terrain import from DXF/DWG - rounding off decimals to limit the amount of decimal places to 3 - suggestion

  • Now you can set the rounding off decimals in the terrain properties dialog.
  • New language-specific translation files in the support directory:

  • This translation file includes the translation of categories (collections) in the Design Center
  • New option in the Project properties dialog: Save lines of hatches (can be significant increase in size)

Build 38

  • New development: 0002352: Column : Rotation option for beams

  • Now you can specify the rotation angle of the profile and the angle of inclination
  • Door and Window command groups are added to the Build menu in the interior version
  • New development 0004081: Rendering : Alphabetical ordering in Select material dialog - suggestion
  • New development: Rendering dialog remembers to the changes made by the 'Switch material' option until you exit from the dialog

Build 35

  • Developer version expiration date is modified to 31.01.2011.

Build 34

  • New development: 0004084: Object : Possibility to represesent objects (column, beam, plinth, picture, balustrade etc.) and groups on multiple floors

Build 33

  • New development: 0004087: Possibility for object (column, plinth, beam) representation in 2D window as 3D top view

Build 32

  • Freeform surface gravity value rounding error is fixed (when you changed the value of gravity in the property manager, it was not saved correctly).

Build 30

  • Resolved: 0004001: Object : Incorrect balustrade sets
  • Resolved: 0001976: Text: Character table into the text properties dialog - suggestion

  • .10.2010 Build 23
  • Small development resolved: 0004071: Dimension : Wall dimensioning - unnecessary to apply the Select keyword
  • Small development resolved: 0004070: Interface : Delete operation by pressing DELETE button - delete mode should stop after the first deletion

Build 21

  • New development: perspective dialog is resizable.
  • New developments:
    • New commands in 2D/3D: Edit wall/slab frontal profile directly in 3D or on the layout.

  • for wall: #modify wallprofile #pedit #front
    for slab: #slab wallprofile #pedit
    • New commands in 2D/3D: Edit wall section profile directly in 3D or on the layout.

  • #modify wallprofile #pedit #section
    • New commands in 2D/3D: Add bottom profile of wall: #modify wallprofile #bottom
    • New command in 3D: Elevate endpoint of wall: #modify wallprofile #stretch.
  • Resolved: 0003452: Dimension : Some door/window dimensioning options for the wall dimensioning command are not considered
  • Developer version expiration date is modified to 30.11.2010.
  • New command: Walls on DWG drawing (available among the wall commands).
  • New command: Attach photo/description.

  • Accessibility: local menu, Modify -> Attach photo/description
  • Modification in the naming of the translation files in the support directory:

  • -> ->
    At the same time in the registry files the following entries have been deleted:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECadLineARCHline.XP2010Environment Params]
  • File -> Preferences -> General -> Toolbox settings: it is possible to change the language environment.

Build 13

  • Create new building command: space character is accepted in the name.

Build 11

  • Wall along splines, elliptic arcs works much more reliable. Also, inserting doors/windows into these walls works much more reliable.
  • Resolved: 0004058: Dimension : Copy properties from the local menu - 'Fixed plot arrow size' not defined cannot be copied

Build 10

  • Resolved: 0003929: Door / window : Door / window set import doesn't work
  • Resolved: 0002913: List: in Word list - the same doors are in different lines
  • Resolved: 0003935: Preferences : Inactive building color cannot be changed
  • Resolved: 0003965: Terrain : Strange message comes when you click on the wrong terrain element: Illegal extension of a variable name

Build 5

  • Resolved: 0003843: Hatch : Possibility to split hatches by other elements like line/arch etc. - suggestion

  • Command:
    #pintersection #split
    You can find it in the local menu of hatch.
  • In case of dormer roof the roof cutting is available only by its own roof.
  • New development for dormer roof. Two possibilities for roof projection:

  • 1. Overhang to inner side of walls
    2. Overhang to outer side of walls
    So far only option #1 was available.
  • New command for stair contour offset:

  • #stair #spoffset
    You can find it in the local menu of stairs.
  • New command for converting spline to arcs:

  • #spedit #rough #inarc
    You can find it in the local menu of splines.
  • Simplification Arc - 3 points command:

  • From now on this is the "Smooth curve" command (MENUITEM "Smooth curve" CREA_CARC7)
    In the main menu (Drafting -> Arc) the following commands are deleted:
    MENUITEM "Smooth curve" CREA_CARC7
    MENUITEM "Complement arc" CREA_CARC8
    MENUITEM "Line into arc" CREA_CARC9
    MENUITEM "Arc into circle" CREA_CARC10
    The 'Complement arc' command has been moved to the marker commands.

Build 3


    solved: 0002159: Polyline : Polyline with arcs - should be an option (AutoCAD compatibility) - suggestion
    solved: 0002623: Line : Possibility of joining lines, arcs and splines - suggestion
    rner window: Distance from wall line parameter is editable
    eate section: When you create a section view, cursor shows the view direction
    cture on wall command on the floor-plan:
    • he first point can be specified only on a wall.
    • GRAPHIC keyword is built in so the rotation command is started automatically.

  • ll properties -> Wall layers - by clicking the relative height modification icon you can enter the value in a small dialog.
    w option in the Toolbox settings - choice between Basic dialogs and Advanced dialogs:
    • n case of Basic dialogs some property dialogs (wall, slabs) will appear in simplified view. For example the layer properties tab will not appear in

  • the wall/slab dialog if the wall/slab includes only one layer.
  • Top-left corner is the default hotspot for all objects
  • SketchUp import developments: Correct texture generaton, texture file names follow the original ones, additional default material is not created
  • Moulding is incorporated into Excel list (Add-on -> Quantity take-off -> Building
  • Perspective dialog: new resave icon for saving the modifications to the actual view
  • Development of Category manager: if you create a new category, a checkbox is applied for putting the new category to the top level, otherwise it will be a subcategory
  • Bug fix: Object -> Replace command: relative height of the original objects changed unexpectedly
  • Bug fix: printing styles did not appear in Project navigator -> Templates
  • Rendering: more rendering quality options
  • Room book development: illumination area calculation changed according to the new Italian regulations
  • Hatch area modifications - zooming factor dependent error messages are eliminated
  • Bug fix: hatch representation in section view was not correct in some cases of multilayer slab with beams
  • DWG import errors are fixed based on user feedback
  • Elimination of unnecessary subcommands based on user feedback
  • Bug fix: switching to another application, in some cases the status bar drop-down menu sticked on the screen
  • Bug fix of texture loss at saving empty project
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to switch off Angle snap -> When you switch off angle snap, the following angles will continue to be snapped: 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225
  • Import / DWG, 3DS, SKP dialogs remember to the last used directories
  • Bug fix in Sketchup export - in some cases (material UV coordinate problem) materials were not exported to Sketchup files
  • Bug fixing of colour export to Sketchup
  • Bug fix: Copy properties of doors/windows did not work for all properties
  • Resolution of the following rendering error: if you rotate an object with a material, the direction of texture will not change in the rendering (global texture direction will be applied)
  • Bug fixes in 3DS import
  • Small user interface developments in Room maker
  • Offset command: round-off corner is created instead of sharp ones by default
  • Bug fixing of property change errors in case of multiple selections
  • Tiling - moving of multiple bacground areas is possible
  • Scale factor list pops pop up when you drag&drop a section view on printing layout
  • Column hatch with pattern and background color did not work properly
  • Bug fix: door/window drag and drop from the Design Center: after placing a door/window you could not close the command with right mouse click
  • Bug fix: Convert object into door/window function did not work on arch top objects
  • Bug fix in Thea render XML export - some materials and shadows were not exported
  • Bug fix in Rendering - in OpenGL mode emissive textures looked black in 3D
  • All stairs are included in the listing (stairs with small errors were omitted)
  • List generation time is shortened
  • Bug fix: Roof - Dome - Open dome command did not work
  • Bug fix: Roof - Same height option did not work
  • Bug fix in Smart Object assembly dialog - memory free up error
  • Bug fix: dimension style unit setting depended from the actual unit selection