ARCHLine.XP 2012 Troubleshooting

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Build 423 (Released Version)

  • File menu -> Export -> Publish command is available in all languages.

  • Now there are two possibilities:
    • Browse - you can browse a picture to publish it.
    • Snapshot - you can make a snapshot of a 3D window content and publish it by one click.
  • Resolving conflicts with Layer control mode on the Plot layout.
  • Modify menu - Substitute material command works for wall section materials and tiling.
  • DRW file import problems are fixed:
    • Arc text in a DRW file blocked the import.
    • Dot character in the file name blocked the import.
  • Bug fix: copying an element from one .oli into another by Object manager does not change the category.

Build 417 (Released Version)

  • Modifications in the hardware and software protection according to the new business model.
  • New function: Mood board (available in Toolbox - Indoor tools or Toolbox - Mood board group)
  • Printing with internal PDF - 'cutting the text at the margin' problem is fixed.
  • Cropped snapshot image dimensioning problem is fixed - image corner points are taken into consideration correctly.
  • Raster image: both stretch and scale commands are available in the local menu.
  • Development in Sketchup import: only the visible layers are imported (so you will see the same import result as the original one in Sketchup).
  • Fixed: renaming or creating floors from the Project navigator didn't work.
  • Fixing the "missing lines" problem when copying 3D vectorial window content to 2D window.
  • Crashing at program exit when you saved a view in the Perspective dialog with more than 20 characters - fixed.
  • Cabinet wizard bug fixes:
    • Door: current door material is preselected in the dialog so you know what to change.
    • Drawer: "All" option is working for drawer inset and frame dimensions.
    • Curve shaped door: handle position recalculation was wrong when corpus width and depth parameters were different.
  • Bug fix: column hatch modification did not work.
  • In some circumstances, when project saving fails for some unknown reason, crash (loosing the database) is eliminated and saving is attempted again.
  • Freeform surface bug fixes:
    • Point of profile and islands and Point of profile commands did not work in certain cases.
    • Crash by control lines is fixed.
  • Point with special pattern (rectangle, triangle etc.) has only one reference point (possible error at distance dimensioning of these points is eliminated).
  • Bug fix: Roof local menu - Info -> Intersection of two roof planes command did not work in case of using the Pitch and shape -> Horizontal section of roof in plan-view option.
  • Bug fix: Create new material dialog - Browse button - default browsing directory was wrong.

Build 399 (Released Version)

  • New command in the English and Hungarian versions: File -> Export -> Publish
    With this command you can publish your pictures to the web after a registration at
    ...and then you can browse among your pictures with your mobile phone or PC.
  • Development of lamp handling: when you add a light source to an object, the dialog for saving the object into the Lamps category comes up automatically.
  • Room maker dialog is resizable.
  • Window wizard - handle is represented on the correct side (inner side and outer side were mixed up).
  • Roof bug fix - B parameter for middle purlin did not work.
  • Room shapes: rectangle shape is the default selection.
  • Bug fix: Balustrade dialog - Edit handrail - Profile perpendicular or vertical to path.
    Profile perpendicular setting did not work
  • Dimension: Elevation on section marker color representation problem is fixed.
  • Room maker developments and bug fixes:
    • Tiling - now there are radio buttons for selecting the tiling functions.
    • Light solid representation is switched off automatically in Room maker.
    • Bottom slab is automatically aligned to the bottom of the wall (so far it was aligned to the bottom of the floor).
    • One wall with more backgrounds - background area detection problem is fixed.
  • Material management:
    • when you copied a project material into your own category, its properties were gone.
    • Google terrain import -> terrain surface material modification problem is fixed.
    • Material name problem in the Roof list is fixed.
    • Cabinet wizard development: it is possible change the materials of the connected objects.
  • Printing:
    • Linetype printing problems are fixed.
    • Print preview problem of images with Rotated drawing setting is fixed.
    • XREFed asc files are plot layout - size problem with the XREFed drawings on the layout.
    • Bug fix of printing solid hatch with normal printer.
    • Speed problem of deleting/refreshing plot layouts is fixed.
    • Bug fix: black lines with black drawing background - nothing was visible on the printing preview.
    • Bug fix: hatch with texture - when you copied a cut-out onto the plot layout, the material size was incorrect.
  • File saving problem with extremely long pathname is fixed.
  • Tools menu -> Accessories -> Table contour lines is back in the menu
  • Automatic renaming of the main floor-plan drawing at first project saving (the drawing name gets the name of the project).
    At first file saving (renaming) the name of the main floor plan drawing will change according to the project name.
  • Negative wall height parameter is not accepted.
  • Bug fix of copying the properties of wall.
  • Room book: Room number deletion problem (in project from ARCHline.XP 2011) is fixed.
  • To avoid crash, the program checks and skip reading of corrupt .oli files.
  • Object properties dialog - dimensions of Cabinet wizard objects are visible in the dialog.
  • Change in the Menu:
    Edit menu -> Duplicate+Move
    The following moving commands can be found here so you can put these commands in the custom toolbar:
    * Move
    * Duplicate
    * Rotate
    * Array
    * Mirror
    ** Move
    ** Duplicate
    * Scale
    ** Move
    ** Duplicate
  • Resolved: 0004287: Printing : Printing of solid hatch colors are not correct with normal printer
  • Mirror and Multiply commands are added to the marker menu
  • Cabinet wizard - bug fix: custom handles deformed when you changed the parameters of the custom object you used for handles.
  • Substitute material command works for electrical accessories, moulding, external louvre, freeform surface, curtain, etc.
  • Cabinet wizard development: the position of handles and accessories can be set by arrow buttons, too.
  • Bug fix of the following zooming problem - elements do not appear when you zoom in.
  • Bug fix of the following problem: Elevate command moves the window only in vertical directions in 3D.
  • Design Center development: deleting/renaming is possible with mouse right click (renaming of objects and materials are limited, of course).
  • Modify menu -> Substitute material command works even for the custom handles added to a cabinet created by Cabinet wizard
  • Both TAB and F5 works for the selection from multiple items in the drop-down menu
  • Offset command development: additional subcommands in the Toolbox. This way you do not have to restart the whole procedure if you change your decision on the offset method during the drawing process.
  • File -> Import -> Furniture from manufacturers: when you download an element, it will be tagged by Sanitary and Brands categories (instead of ObjectBrowser).
  • From now on it is not allowed to hide or close/delete the first floor plan in the Interior version.
  • File size of DWG export is reduced.
  • Bug fix (Electrical Accessory): Different material settings did not work in case of grouping.
  • Bug fix of terrain zone height calculation in case of arc zone contours.
  • Bug fix of Construction line representation.
  • Bug fix: the profile of roof elements changed when you changed the material of the element.
  • Hatch bug fix: it was not possible to copy the Solid option through the copy attributes command.
  • Move toolbar is back again (in all languages)26.04.2012 Build 364
  • Resolved: 0004360: Design Center : Focus should be on the search input when you type something in the Design Center
  • Bug fix of slab beam representation on the floor plan.

Build 363 (Released version)

  • Cabinet wizard bug fix: door inset materials appear with their correct textures.
  • Cabinet wizard bug fix: rotation of handle works correctly on curved shape parts.
  • Design Center - Category manager: there is a new button for 'Icon change'. 61x61 pixel size images can be added to the Writable elements.
  • Bug fix: material drag&drop from the Design Center - 'As painting' option did not work correctly.
  • Development: DWG import with .TIFF image references is available.
  • Development of drawing circle: Radius/diameter and Tangent to 2 objects commands - radius/diameter definition is available.
  • Bug fix: Material dialog - Nodify: Copy from clipboard overwrote the material name.
  • Ballustrade bug fix: layer is selectable in the dialog.
  • Bug fix: Saving of material propertiy changes like Transparency, Bump Altitude etc. didn't work. Each time you opened a project, you had to change these settings again.
  • Room book bug fix: Illumination ratio is displayed in the Room book summary table.
  • Roof dialog bug fix: currently used roof materials were not selected automatically when you wanted to change one of those.
  • Room book by free polygon: refreshing problem is fixed (when you moved a node of a room contour, the room stamp disappeared).
  • Bug fix: Supress trailing zeros option did not work for dimensions.
  • Modify menu - Substitute material command works on objects created by the Cabinet wizard and Worktop tools, too.
  • Bug fix: stretching texture on curtain works.
  • Project navigator - dimension styles: Edit style command is available in the menus when you drag & drop a dimension type.
  • Bug fix: automatic refreshing of section windows works even on sections with hatches.
  • Bug fix: Markers in section window work on architectural elements.
  • Development in material handling:
    Project (In model) materials are distinguished in the Design center by a small rectangle sign in the top-left corner.
    When you create a new material in Room maker, for example, it will be placed into the User category and you can use it next time when you start a new project.
  • Project navigator - dimension styles: Create new dimension command works on each dimensioning type.
  • Dimensioning representation problem: comma or dot should be used for decimal separator?
    Now you can set it in the Preferences - Other dialog with the following option: On Drawing - Comma (,) in decimal separator
    At the same time, this option is cancelled in the Format parameters section of the dimension properties dialog.
  • Bug fix: Excel list output didn't work in some cases.
  • 3D solid: Edit - Rounding command - Loop and Part options work.
  • Printing - Center the plot option problem is fixed.
  • Change: in the Hungarian and English Factory.set:
    Lining and architrave option is switched on by default for the default door style.
  • Bug fix: Styles - line width was always zero, color was always black.
  • Room book: flat losing problem is fixed.
  • Bug fix: Sun settings are saved correctly into the project.
  • Further developments in stair-slab connections (see the settings in the dialog).
  • Printing dialog: Optimal paper size option is back because there were problem with ptinting old projects (from ARCHline.XP 2008, for example).
  • Balustrade on stair command - there is not interruption in the handrail.
  • Development in the Category manager: multiselect is available.
  • Bug fix: Wardrobe wizard objects don't lose their wardrobe wizard properties when you change their relative height.
  • Table text - insert/delete/row/column commands are fixed.
  • Font type modification problem on plot layout is fixed.