ARCHLine.XP 2013 Troubleshooting

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Build 398 (Released Version)

  • 3D Warehouse downloading problem is resolved

Build 395 (Released Version)

  • Automatic online activation problem is resolved

Build 394 (Released Version)

  • Google 3D Warehouse object downloading works with the renewed Google 3D Warehouse WEB site
  • File - Import - Showroom - WEB page loading error is fixed in some language versions
  • A reported Room book zone height calculation error is fixed
  • Bug fix: Wall style change did not work from the styles drop-down menu correctly
  • Bug fix: Wall layer hatch settings dialog - exit by cancel button caused a change in the hatch name in the Wall properties dialog
  • Thea Export bug resolved: the export of north position was incorrect
  • Bug fix - Listing : Cost parameters with decimal values were not multiplied correctly
  • Bug fix - Arch. object -> 3D solid command did not work in vectorial 3D window

Build 387 (Released Version)

  • Top-left corner is the default hotspot for all objects
  • SketchUp import developments: Correct texture generaton, texture file names follow the original ones, additional default material is not created
  • Moulding is incorporated into Excel list (Add-on -> Quantity take-off -> Building
  • Perspective dialog: new resave icon for saving the modifications to the actual view
  • Development of Category manager: if you create a new category, a checkbox is applied for putting the new category to the top level, otherwise it will be a subcategory
  • Bug fix: Object -> Replace command: relative height of the original objects changed unexpectedly
  • Bug fix: printing styles did not appear in Project navigator -> Templates
  • Rendering: more rendering quality options
  • Room book development: illumination area calculation changed according to the new Italian regulations
  • Bug fix: hatch representation in section view was not correct in some cases of multilayer slab with beams
  • DWG import errors are fixed based on user feedback
  • Antialiasing problem on Intel video cards is resolved
  • Elimination of unnecessary subcommands based on user feedback
  • Bug fix: grayscale rendering did not work
  • Bug fix: Room book volume calculation refreshing error
  • Thea Render XML export - material export works correctly
  • Sun settings - sun position is exported correctly to Thea Export
  • Bug fix: searching for an existing project material in the Project category did not work
  • Bug fix: switching to another application, in some cases the status bar drop-down menu sticked on the screen
  • Bug fix of texture loss at saving empty project
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to switch off Angle snap -> When you switch off angle snap, the following angles will continue to be snapped: 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225
  • Import / DWG, 3DS, SKP dialogs remember to the last used directories
  • Bug fix in Sketchup export - in some cases (material UV coordinate problem) materials were not exported to Sketchup files
  • Bug fixing of colour export to Sketchup
  • Bug fix: Copy properties of doors/windows did not work for all properties
  • Resolution of the following rendering error: if you rotate an object with a material, the direction of texture will not change in the rendering (global texture direction will be applied)
  • Bug fixes in 3DS import
  • New option in the File - Options - Display page: Auto rotation speed
  • Small user interface developments in Room maker
  • Offset command: round-off corner is created instead of sharp ones by default
  • Bug fixing of property change errors in case of multiple selections
  • Tiling - moving of multiple bacground areas is possible
  • Scale factor list pops pop up when you drag&drop a section view on printing layout
  • Column hatch with pattern and background color did not work properly
  • Bug fix: door/window drag and drop from the Design Center: after placing a door/window you could not close the command with right mouse click
  • Bug fix: Convert object into door/window function did not work on arch top objects
  • Bug fix in Thea render XML export - some materials and shadows were not exported
  • Bug fix in Rendering - in OpenGL mode emissive textures looked black in 3D
  • All stairs are included in the listing (stairs with small errors were omitted)
  • List generation time is shortened
  • Bug fix: Roof - Dome - Open dome command did not work
  • Bug fix: Roof - Same height option did not work
  • Bug fix in Smart Object assembly dialog - memory free up error
  • Bug fix: dimension style unit setting depended from the actual unit selection

Build 337 (Released Version)

  • Eliminating of crashes based on online crash report feedbacks
  • Graphics settings in 3D:
    • Camera light setting possibility is back and available to set between 0 to 500
    • Sunlight can be set from 0 to 500
  • New command: Drafting menu Line Convert temporary lines to construction lines
  • New option: File menu Options Cursor and marker Maximal Number of Temporary Construction Lines
    Maximum this number of construction lines will be visible at once, old ones will be deleted, new ones will be created based on FIFO method.
  • New menu: Tools menu New origin
    • Single point (relocates the origin on the drawing)
    • Default position (set back the origin to 0/0)
  • New menu for online support: Help - TeamViewer
  • Bug fix of file opening error of old projects (year 2005 or older)
  • Bug fix - changing the style of multiple elements and then undoing
  • Bug fix - roof - convert roof rafters to beam command
  • Bug fix - Wardrobe wizard - detection of parameter change
  • New doors and windows in the door/window libraries
  • Balustrade developments:
    • Possibility of rotating and mirroring of balustrade objects
    • Balustrade styles are adjusted
    • Bug fixes of balustrade editing/creating
  • Bug fix - rendering - printing width and height were not responding to changes
  • New option in the File menu Options Item settings Hatch parameters Omit wall hatches behind text
  • Bug fix in material handling - unique material identifiers are used for the textures of imported 3D warehouse elements to avoid accidental materials change
  • Bug fix - terrain - terrain section profile was not editable
  • Terrain import from csv files: any type of delimiter works with comma decimal separator (the decimal separator and delimiter cannot be the same, of course)
  • Bug fix - in some cases hatch areas were filled only partially
  • Bug fix - object removed from wall - contour remained in 3D
  • File Options Item settings Room maker New parameters:
    • Minimum wall length
    • Minimum wall height
    • Walls that do not reach the above parameters are not considered in Room maker when zooming to walls around
  • Bug fix - door - threshold could not be switched off when you changed the view to 1:50
  • Bug fix - room maker - chessboard pattern tiling did not work in case of rotation of 45 degrees
  • Bug fix - annoying stripes are eliminated from the snapshot image in OpenGL mode
  • Drag and drop cost parameters from an Excel line works directly on an architectural element
  • WEB-based help is updated with the new ARCHline.XP 2013 functions
  • Simplification of the selection cycle (in case of multiple elements above each other)
  • Bug fix - tiling : wall layout showed vertical lines in case of inserted objects
  • Bug fix - Line -> Construction line subcommand did not work
  • Bug fix - Arc with 3 points command gave an error message
  • DWG import development - subdmesh and surface type elements are imported
  • Development of decimation for the faster 3D representation
  • Development of backward compatibility
  • Bug fixes and small development of Wardrobe wizard functionality
  • New element types with their own styles:
    Roman blind
    Venetian blind
    Vertical blind
    Table cloth
  • Bug fix - printing - Hatch with texture on the plot layout with scaling did not get printed correctly
  • Bug fix - image - snapshot images could not be saved as .png, despite of the .png selection possibility
  • Bug fix - rendering - custom rendering size was not editable above the size of 2048
  • Bug fix - Horizontal floor structure - Move items from active floor command did not work correctly
  • Bug fix - 0 decimals for dimensioning accuracy is selectable again
  • Toolbox - Dimension - Area: Room subcommand allows you to click inside an area with walls around
  • Bug fix - text - Text displayed with boundary rectangle in 2012 projects - disappearing text in 2013
  • Bug fix - cropping of rotated raster images did not work correctly
  • Bug fix - dimension - manually corrected SIA 0.5 cm dimension did not appear correctly
  • Bug fix - scaling of elements by mouse cursor
  • Bug fix - material collision in the downloaded 3D warehouse objects
  • Bug fix - tiling : Hide tiling name command did not work
  • Bug fix - Move a copy command (by mouse cursor) did not work in all directions in certain projects
  • Bug fix - 3D Warehouse downloading erro in case of Sketchup elements with long filename
  • Development - stair - vertical cover alignment to the stair contour
  • New development - Dimension - Elevation on section
    • New command in the local menu: Dimension string - Change dimension string base point
  • Cavalier axonometry view is fixed in 3D vectorial view (View - View properties - Define view - Oblique)
  • Bug fix in the category manager: new subfolder creation was not possible when category with the same name existed
  • Bug fix - slab - slab cost parameters were lost when you created a new slab style from an existing one
  • Bug fix - line - construction line could not be selected by the selection color
  • Bug fix - layer : Project properties - Layer option was missing (over the Preferences)
  • New development: automatic decimation when you download objects with large size
  • Developments in listing (Add-on - Quantity take-off - Building): Value and Price are multiplied and the result appears in the Calculations column
    Also, the listing is working for all architectural elements and wall/slab layers.
  • Bug fix - Room book - wainscoting materials went under doors/windows
  • Bug fix - Preferences - Cursor info tooltip option could not be switched off
  • Development in Animation rendering - resolution can be set
  • Bug fix of raster image saving error - .jpg raster images was converted into .bmp and at saving - this caused increased project file size (by simply opening and then saving a project)
  • Bug fix - grid representation error - grid disappeared by zooming out
  • Bug fix Zoom in / Zoom out did not work on the navibar in 3D perspective view
  • Bug fix - Options Display Drawing settings Display line width as a pixel width proportional to the real-unit value on screeen option switched off at file saving
  • Magnifier command is available in Indoor/Outdoor Virtual Staging submenu
  • New option in the External sill/Internall sill definition in Door/Window properties dialog (Other parameters):
    Width from wall
    This means that you can define sill width with either the 'Width' or the 'Width from wall' parameter.