Building site orientation and geo-location

01 Importing the CAD site plan from PDF file

Topics include:
  • Importing PDF or Raster Image
  • Scaling the imported PDF image
  • Editing the scaled image
  • Defining the site boundary 

02 Site and orientation of the building

Topics include:
  • Settings up the geo-location of the site on Google Maps 
  • Using the little red pin that represents the accurate building geo-location.
  • Setting up the North direction

03 Aligning the building to the accurate Google Maps geo-location point

Topics include:
  • Understanding the building location in the project
  • Selecting all drawing items on all the floor levels to move them
  • Moving the selection to a new location in the project 

04 Importing a Google Terrain

Topics include:
  • Importing a 2D map from Google Maps 
  • Importing a 3D Terrain from Google Maps
  • Aligning the building to the surface of its surrounding

05 Export model and visualize in Google Earth

Topics include:
  • Exporting 3D model into Google Earth via .kmz file
  • Opening the exported .kmz file in Google Earth
  • Managing the model and its altitude in Google Earth
  • Refining the position of the model
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