Terrain and site plan

06 Importing the CAD site plan from DWG

Topics include:
  • Importing DWG or DXF files
  • Specifying scaling for the imported geometry
  • Aligning the imported drawing to horizontal and vertical directions
  • Checking the imported layer structure

07 Create a terrain based on a DWG drawing

Topics include:
  • Building up a 3D terrain based on a 2D site plan
  • Setting up level line elevations
  • Changing the visual representation of a terrain in 3D

08 Adding plateau and zone to a terrain

Topics include:
  • Creating a horizontal plateau for the building model
  • Using the zone tool to paint a driveway to the terrain surface

09 Adding architectural items to the terrain

Topics include:
  • Setting up the elevation above sea level
  • Adding retaining walls

10 Sketch volumes of other buildings around the site

Topics include:
  • Adding surrounding building volumes
  • Aligning building volumes to the terrain surface


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