Sections & elevations

12 Creating a section of the building

Topics include:
  • Drawing a section line
  • Setting up the section
  • Modifying the section path 

13 Updating changes to the section

Topics include:
  • Making changes in the project
  • Updating sections following the changes

14 Material representation on sections

Topics include:
  • Changing material settings
  • Joining structures
  • Updating sections 

15 Creating elevations

Topics include:
  • Creating elevations
  • Setting up the visual style of the elevation drawing
  • Changing surface pattern settings 

16 Creating a 2D copy of a section

Topics include:
  • Turning dynamic drawings into 2D drawings
  • Copy / paste content
  • Closing a drawing
  • Removing a drawing from the project completely

17 Creating multi-page drawings

Topics include:
  • Drawing management
  • Creating 2D elevation drawings
  • Multi-page drawings
  • Organizing the project 

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