Documentation & printing

18 Adding dimensions and titles

Topics include:
  • Using dimension tools
  • Adding level dimensions
  • Adding length dimensions
  • Adding texts

19 Preparing a plot layout

Topics include:
  • Preparing a plot layout
  • Adding a full drawing to the plot layout
  • Adding selected details to the plot layout
  • Modifying pasted content

20 Creating a plot stamp

Topics include:
  • Creating 2D groups
  • Understanding regular texts and variables
  • Applying title boxes on plot layouts
  • Filling up title boxes 

21 Updating changes to the plot layout

Topics include:
  • Making changes in the original drawings
  • Updating changes to the documentation
  • Refreshing all instances versus only one instance

22 Creating a PDF document

Topics include:
  • Setting up PDF file location
  • Understanding print scaling
  • Publishing PDF files

23 Creating a print queue

Topics include:
  • Setting up a print queue
  • Adding jobs to the print queue
  • Publishing multiple drawings
  • Publishing a multi-page document 

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