Floor and Building Management

Overview: How to set up the project floor and building structure

In ARCHLine.XP floors allow architects to tie the construction objects to a specific storey, regardless of the object's physical location.
So, you design your building as if you were building it in reality.
When you start a new project, a first floor is created automatically.
Other floors have to be created by the architect.
You can speed up drawing if you copy the objects of an existing floor to another floor. This is very useful when creating main walls on a number of floors, as their floor plans usually correspond to each other.

Floors in ARCHLine.XP are not physical boundaries but comprise a single logical unit. An object located on a certain floor belongs to that floor; however, floor properties (i.e. headroom and height) do not influence its geometry. This means that any object placed on the floor does not have to be physically within the floor boundaries but may overhang. This is necessary for split-level buildings.

In ARCHLine.XP one drawing may comprise a number of buildings. These buildings can be created:
-as separate projects, which are imported to a single drawing by Import and Merge to current drawing, or
-within one drawing, where you can create several buildings.

Depending on the terrain, you can assign different heights above sea level to buildings. There is only one active building at a time; others are displayed with a lower colour tone.


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