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How It's Made - KBB Cabinet items

This series introduces how to make a kitchen cabinet or a wardrobe unit step by step on tutorial level.

Kitchen cupboard

You can learn how to create sets of cabinets using a default one.

Sideboard with doors - Design by Miranda Lellow

In this this series of videos, we are going to take you through the process as we model a sideboard with drawers.
The sideboard is wood construction with drawers and 2-door units.
It has both the horizontal and vertical dividers and the drawer front with inset.
The sideboard joins to the long leg panels.
The consignation is exported into Excel file.

Part 1/5

Part 2/5

Part 3/5

Part 4/5

Part 5/5

Sideboard with drawers - Design by Miranda Lellow

Part 1/2

Using the ARCHLine.XP you can learn how to create a side board with drawers modifying an existing one. Finally we produce a consignation list.

Part 2/2

In this example you can learn how to create a side board with drawer pull-outs modifying an existing one. Finally we change the colours of it to offer different version to the client.


You can learn how to create a commode with drawers and special legs.

Small cabinet with drawers

You can learn how to create a cabinet with special drawer shape.

400mm wide 4 Drawer Base Unit

1000mm Double Door with Glass inset Classic Wall Unit

Classis English Kitchen Island Left Part

Carpenter rounded corner shelf

38mm Worktop with Sink and Hob

Sliding Door with Mirror Cabinet

3 Doors and 2 Drawers Wardrobe

Sloped 2 door wardrobe unit

600mm Built-in Tall Oven Unit


ONE CLICK Kitchen Design

You can learn how to use the Kitchen Design tools to create individual kitchen layouts quickly and efficiently, with just ONE CLICK. Evaluate several alternatives within minutes.

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