Panorama 360

Virtual Panoramic view presentation is based on creating series of interactive virtual photos from one aspect which can be rotated around and as a result it grants the overview of the entire living space in 360 degrees.

The rooms can be linked together, we can move from one to another. You can zoom out the details, furthermore placing sensitive points the product sheet of any given furniture, sanitary ware, tiling can be checked.

This virtual panoramic view 360 can be directly saved on PC and played back. It can be easily inserted into websites due to its format, and it is sufficient to send a link to your client to see it on smart phone or tablet.

Using VR Glass the effect of virtual panoramic view can be further enhanced. The “Matrix” movie provided many of us similar experience. Putting on a VR Glass made possible to get into another world, where everything seemed lifelike as we would have lived there.

The technique of VR Glass provides more than just a screen view, the panorama is projected straight in front of our eyes, separately to each eyes, and head movement can replace the mouse. The effect is stunning. The smart phone should be placed in a pull-out rail when using VR Glass, then the breath-taking performance can start.

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