Creating photorealistic visuals

Topics include:
  • Understanding settings of photorealistic rendering
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Understanding image brightness, burn and other effects
  • Rendering previously saved views
  • Saving rendered images

Real-time Rendering

Topics include:
  • Understanding the render frame
  • Setting up and starting the real-time rendering
  • Understanding how changes are synchronized to the renderer
  • Changing the render quality

Designing LED Lighting

Topics include:
  • Drawing LED light strip in 3D
  • Setting up the colour, intensity and cross section
  • Turning lights on/off
  • Visualize changes immediately in real-time

Working with materials

Topics include:
  • Quick-finding materials of an existing model
  • Changing material types and other settings
  • Understanding how changes are synchronized to the renderer
  • Understanding the Fresnel Effect

The Fresnel Effect

Topics include:
  • Understanding non-Fresnel reflections
  • Understanding Fresnel reflections
  • Working with real-time rendering

Environment Background Settings

Topics include:
  • Finding the background settings
  • Understanding the 4 types of backgrounds
  • Setting up a panoramic background
  • Changing the alignment of the panoramic background

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