General information

CadLine Network is offering user-friendly, practical Interior Design workshops using ARCHLine.XP Interior CAD software.

These workshops introduce the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating impressive 3D interior design models with professional software.

The aim of the workshops is to provide you knowledge and self-confidence for your computer work.

Finishing the workshops you may offer new services for your clients showing the difference in appearance between the various products and fabric design in quick and professional way.

CadLine Network has an excellent team of highly skilled, experienced and motivated tutors.
Our tutors who guide the Interior Design workshops are not just teachers, but working professionals in the architecture or interior design as well.

CadLine Network has more than 6 years of experience in delivering workshops. During the time we understood the needs of interior designers and we are able to provide workshops from complete beginners to advanced professional users.

The series of workshop take a very practical project-based approach on both Preliminary and Intermediate levels.

The content of the workshops include step-by-step exercises of typical interior design projects, taking them from 2D survey and floor plan to 3D modeling.

ARCHLine.XP Interior is compatible with other software packages such as AutoCAD, so drawings produced in these programs can be imported and used.

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