Advanced Course – Overview

Overview and preparation

The Advanced Course training material is recommended for future and current ARCHLine.XP users who have already completed the Basic and Intermediate courses and have the ARCHLine.XP Basic and Intermediate user exam.
This educational material is a guide to help you gain practice in creating unique, complex designs through additional interior design examples.
Most episode will require a starting project.
Therefore, download the "Workshop installer - Advanced Course" then install it.
This includes the projects for the intermediate course episodes.
Computer requirements:
Computer that meets the System Requirements
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 10 or newer
ARCHLine.XP 2021 or 2022 and the Workshop Projects install set.
Local administrative privileges on the computer may be required to allow for software installation and to configure computer settings.

1. Layer Management

  1. Layer Properties
  2. Layer Walk Tool
  3. Layer: The general property of objects
  4. Layer Control Mode
  5. Create a New Layer
  6. Move objects to New Layer
  7. How to Delete layers
  8. Layer filters
  9. Show visible layers only
  10. Layer variations
  11. How to use layers on plot layout

2. Design phases

  1. Renovating buildings or planning complex projects is significantly simpler using the design phases.
  2. Existing state and the new construction plan
  3. Phase filters
  4. Graphical override
  5. Design phases on the printing layout

3. Doors and windows

  1. Creating a door panel based on an image
  2. Conversion of a downloaded object into a window
  3. Door/Window wizard

4. Teamwork

  1. Flow diagram for setting up Team project
  2. Setting up working areas
  3. Changing the editable status of working areas
  4. Offline mode - work away from the team
  5. Update Local copy to central model
  6. Reassign elements to a different working area
  7. Convert Team project to single-user project
  8. Change active working area on the View Control Bar

5. Lighting plans

  1. In this episode, we demonstrate through an example of how you can create the following type of electrical plans:
  2. Wiring layout
  3. Socket layout
  4. Switches layout
  5. Lamp layout

6. False ceiling

  1. Grid ceiling
  2. Plain ceiling

7. Curtain walls

  1. Basic concept: frames, dividers and panels
  2. Inserting doors and windows
  3. Curtain wall editing
  4. Create unique and customized glass insets in the wall

8. Wall framing

  1. Wall properties for frame structure
  2. Properties of the framework
  3. Column placement in frame structure
  4. Design with an architectural grid