Natural harmony and refined functionality - designing a Family Home

Interior design graduation project by Réka Rózsahegyi.
Inspired by an exclusive fashion design business, discover a family home envisioned with modern design and nature-inspired style! 


My name is Réka Rózsahegyi, the founder and owner of ROZELLO DESIGN. In 2021, I began my studies at the Creative Art Private School of Stílusház. Here, I became acquainted with the ARCHLine.XP design program. My primary focus is on designing and transforming family houses, as well as creating public spaces and interiors from past eras. 



Project description

In the design of this family home for a four-person household, I took into account the specific characteristics derived from the family's lifestyle. The mother's business, which involves designing and creating evening gowns and unique accessories, played a significant role in shaping the building. As a result, the upper level of the building was tailored to her exclusive business activities. The ground floor encompasses the family's living space, including a large, bright, and spacious living room and a beautifully minimalist dining area. Due to the parents' active lifestyle and work, they use the kitchen minimally. They frequently travel and often depart or return home during the night or early morning. Therefore, it was important for them to have the children's bedrooms situated in the other part of the property to avoid disturbing them. The father works as an engineer from home, so the home office was designed to allow him to work undisturbed while still being close to the children when needed. Overall, the family's needs and lifestyle requirements were the determining factors in the design process. Comfort, functional separation, emphasizing natural light and natural elements were important considerations in designing the home.


Réka Rózsahegyi

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