New Channels for Learning ARCHLine.XP

As the Summer holiday ends, we launch new channels to help existing and prospective users find the right tools for the optimal use of ARCHLine.XP

We are aware that learning a new software takes time. Even if you have been using a platform for a long time, you might find it hard to find features that you are not using too frequently. That's why we decided to regroup the platforms where you can find the things you need for effective design. Learning CAD and BIM has never been this easy.

Tip of the Day

These small, "fun sized" tips appear every morning on our social media channels. These tips range from not-too-obvious features (and how to find them) to advice on how to optimize your workflow. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to have these tips deposited on your feed every morning.

Helping Tips and Tricks

These lenghtier articles are all about boosting the speed of your workflow, and ease your transition to ARCHLine.XP if you are a newcomer. Browse through the items to keep yourself updated on our features and how to use them. See the collection here.

Professional Blog Articles

Our blog focuses on industry matters - what is the best export format to use for a certain kind of project, what is going on on the market, what are the recommended solutions, etc. Take a look if you want to see what we are up to. This way to the blog.


The depository for our Users' Manual, and other tutorial documentation. We have detailed description on all our features in a handy, PDF format, so you can learn, even if you don't have access to our vast video library. Off to the tutorials!

Video Library

Seeing is believing - we have numerous videos to show you how the program works. Browse the library to find "how-to" videos. Visit the channel now.


Autumn webinar season has started. Stay tuned for the 30 mins live shows we host every month. These presentations will show actual case studies, and the latest features we developed. See the upcoming shows.