ARCHLine.XP frequently asked questions

What is ARCHLine.XP?
ARCHLine.XP is a versatile, professional BIM application that provides 2D floor plan, 3D modeling, technical documentation and photorealistic rendering capabilities for architectural and interior design needs.

Architectural design:
The program provides the opportunity to create a multi-story building.
The flexible Wall command makes it easy to draw single- or multi-layered, even sloping walls in both 2D and 3D.
The doors and windows are parametric. The changes update the 3D model in the wall based on the parameters.
Stair and railing edits are aided by rules, which provides flexible design options.
By modifying the slab profile, individual slab structures, such as vaulted vault, cross vault, can be easily created.
For roof shapes, you can choose from a long list of types (saddle roof, tent roof, attic, arched, etc.).

Interior Design:
ARCHLine.XP is filled with strong features for interior designers as blinds and curtains, lighting, lighting plan, tiling, molding, suspended ceilings, switches and sockets and parametric cabinet design tools. The 3D Warehouse model is loaded directly into the ARCHLine.XP project and can be placed with one click.

Technical documentation:
With the help of the Plan Sheet, the preparation of technical/engineering documentation is a simple task, which can include floor plans, wall and perspective views, detailed drawings, rendered images on different scales. With the ARCHLine.XP design program, you can create complete technical documentation, cladding designs, 3D model views, cost estimates, photorealistic images and 3D walkthrough animations.

The model can be transferred to ARCHLine.XP LIVE archviz animation software with one click and easily turn into immersive models, create high-quality images, videos, and walkthroughs.
ARCHLine.XP LIVE enables architecture and interior spaces to be visualized in real-time, simulating materials, sun, lamps, vegetation, water and other environmental features such as people, vehicles.


CAD/BIM architectural and interior design software

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