Backup Archive and Autosave in ARCHLine.XP 2017

Making backups older than 1 day

If someone works on only one project and does not save his work otherwise, in order not to accidentally wipe out a project, a backup will be automatically created for files that are older than one day, adding the date of the last saving to the name, before the program overwrites the file. When such a backup is created, the program invokes our attention in a dialog. This file is not being stored in the Backup Archive and will not be automatically deleted.

Backup Archive

Of course there is a Backup Archive in ARCHLine.XP that can be used to restore previous savings. However, it is important to know that this does not replace the normal project savings, it is only for restoration, and its content is not intended for permanent storage. Let’s see the Archive settings and its operation principle. Click on the gear icon in the lower left corner. On the Open and Save tab, you can access the Backup Archive settings. The archiving process itself works in such a way, that is creates a copy of the project under the ARCHLine.XP Draw/2017 folder into a hidden folder with the current date, right after opening it. During the daily work, two more savings are being stored by the program in this folder, a total of three project files. The first saving which contains the state of the project when we opened it will not be overwritten and the other two backups will be overwritten only if one hour has passed between the two states. Until that the file stored in the Archive will not change. The program replaces the older file in the Archive when overwriting one of the two replaceable files. Projects stored in the Archive will be deleted in automatically so that they do not load the storage space slowly. This can be adjusted here. The shortest time is 2 weeks, the longest is 52 weeks. If you want to permanently save archive backups, automatic deletion can be disabled, but this means that your storage space will soon be full.

Backup Archive restoration

Data stored in the Backup Archive can be easily restored by using the Drawing Recovery Manager from the File menu in the upper left corner. In the appearing dialog, you can set the folder where you are looking for files, this is by default the ARCHLineXP Draw folder. Then you need to enter a keyword that is included in the project name that will help you find it. Finally, select from the list to search in the Archive folder. Here you will find the 2017 folder and the three backups, the startup state, and two backups during the working process. Modifying the Archive files manually is not recommended, you can find the archive files that are available using the Drawing Recovery Manager.


There is a feature in the program that makes sure you do not lose all your work in case of any abnormal shutdown, such as a power outage. This is called Save autorecover information. Click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the interface and select the Open and Save tab. Here you can turn it on and off, and set the number of steps between two backups. For larger projects, it is suggested to slightly increase this value, as it may be disturbing if the program saves a lot of content in the project in five steps and you can only work slower because the process may take seconds.

It's important to know that this option does not replace the savings we make. The contents of this folder are deleted at normal shutdowns, and if you click on the Quit without saving button without saving your project and relying only on Autosave, you would lose your project or at least the changes made after the last saving.

Autosave restoration

Let's take a look at the data storing during the Autosave process. I make six steps on the floor plan. The program made an autorecover save after the fifth step. If I stop the program in Task Manager now, simulating an abnormal shutdown and then restarting it, you can see that such a state was recovered when only the chairs and carpet have been deleted, the deletion of the table that was the sixth step which has not been saved yet. After an abnormal shutdown, we cannot be sure that everything has been completely restored, so always save our project with a different name so we certainly do not overwrite a previous status.