Hatch settings on the floorplan

Above all the well-known hatch settings, there are four more which are generally applicable and write over the specific hatch settings on the floorplan.

One of them can be found under “Property grid” and “Graphics setting”, it is called “Section height visible”. This option can be turned on and off. When it is turned off there is no impact on the hatches on the floorplan. “Section height from floor” setting is linked to the “turned on” option. If the wall or the wall layer does not exceed a given section height, then it will appear without hatch on the floorplan. This is a common in architecture. 

The second setting is the color settings within “Wall” group. It can be found under “File menu- Option- Item settings”. We can choose separately the colors for New wall, Existing wall, Demolished wall, Not connected walls), these will influence the background color of the hachure. (Please note these settings can be found in the 2015 version under “Building – Properties - Wall”).

The third setting, the “Wall style” can be found under “File menu-Options-Item settings” within “Hatch parameters”. Here we can choose from three options (Default, Full hatch, No hatch). The hachure will correspond to the original settings or be filled irrespectively or none. 

The fourth setting can be found under “View”-“Opening and wall scale”. There are four options:

1.     Hatch on every wall layer

2.     Applying the main layer’s hatch onto every layer

3.     Without hatch

4.     Hatching the outer layer of the external wall to black


Therefore when walls appear on the floorplan with unusual or without hachure, it worth to check the these 4 extra hatch settings.