Important changes on user interface in ARCHLine.XP 2017

Hereinafter we summarize the most important changes on ARCHLine.XP 2017 user interface.

Wardrobe wizard

In 2013 the development of “Wardrobe wizard” finished. Since 2014 the wizard had been replaced by Manufacturer tool (Customized cabinet) - command, which is more flexible and innovative tool. We are teaching this tool on our workshops. Now after three years, the time has come to take “Wardrobe wizard” out from the Menu. Obviously the previously created objects – furniture, still can be used and modified, but new ones cannot be designed.

Import from other Project (XREF)

This command can be found under Tools in the Top menu. 

Changes in the Dimension toolbox

“Serial in Horizontal"  and "Serial in Vertical” commands were moved to the first level of the Toolbox and Top menu. In ARCHLine.XP 2016 or earlier these commands were listed in the “Length – Distance dimensioning” dialog. The frequent use of these commands requires the quick access. Both commands still can be found in the “Length – Distance dimensioning” dialog.

Renaming Top menu item: Plot Layout new name is Documentation
We synchronized Toolbox / Documentation panel with the Top menu / Documentation menu.
The Top menu / Documentation was completed by those commands which had already been found in the Toolbox such as followings:
Documentation – Wall elevation view
Documentation – Create or Delete floor snaps
Documentation – Refresh floor snapshot
Consignation commands
Commands in relation to consignation lists now can be found under Documentation:
Documentation- Quantity take-off - Excel list
Documentation – Quantity take-off – Graphic list
Documentation – Quantity take-off – Cabinet Cut List
Visual Design commands
Commands in relation to Visual Design now can be found under Toolbox / Visual Design and Top menu / Visual Design:
Visual Design - Rendering
Visual Design - Sun Position
Visual Design - Walk and Fly
Visual Design - Indoor Virtual Staging
Visual Design - Model to a Photo
Visual Design - Survey - Photogrammetry
Visual Design - Animation
New command group:
Visual Design – Panorama 360: Build virtual tour commands
Developing tiling – Tiling in 3D
  • Tiling design commands directly can be reached in 3D window by clicking on any tiles or base area
  • The tiling layout thickness can be set (Tiling layout settings, background area properties )
  • New command: “Move tiles”
  • Individual tile replacement (one by one)
  • Quick command for one step placing/modifying tiling style on one selected wall or all walls in a room.
  • Simple command for delete all tiles on a wall.
  • New pattern: 2 square+1 rectangle
Drawing recovery manager
The command can be found in the file menu of ARCHLine.XP 2017 version (published after 08/01/2017).
This command is relocated from “Tools- Accessories”, it got a new name and its’ function has changed compared to the version 2016.
Here you can search for projects and drawings in the selected folder or subfolder, also in the Archive.
Backup Archive
Please note, the “Archive” function in 2017 version archives not the drawing file (.asc) but the entire project. One project can be archived 3 times a day. 
The first project copy of the daily archive is protected, cannot be overwritten. The second and third copies will be archived only when one hours elapses between two saves.
This is a protective mechanism on those cases when the project is damaged for any reason, or unplanned item deletion or movement happened.
The content of ARCHIVE folder can be removed, and you can decide to keep the content of the last 2,3,4,8,12 or 52 week. The deleted items will be moved to Recyce Bin. See the new control in File menu / Option dialog / Open and Save panel.
We draw your attention the Backup Archive serves as emergency to browse for the lost project, and not intended using for daily work.
Making backups older than 1 day
The new feature supports those who works on only one project for long time and does not save his work otherwise. In order not to accidentally delete the single copy of the project, backup will be automatically created when the last saved file is older than one day, adding the date of the last saving to the filename. The program overwrites the original file than. When such a backup is created, the program displays it in a dialog. 
New Rules when you delete a dimension from the chain of dimensions (from 2017 Build 234)
The click point determines what will happen when you delete a dimension.
A dimension from the chain of dimensions is deleted by clicking on the first third or last third of a scaling. By clicking on the middle third, the dimensioning location remains blank. 
A small triangular marker will indicate the join beyond the dimension witness line in the direction of the combined dimension.
New place of setting view background
By clicking the title of the active window, point 10 of the menu that appears: Background setting.
More new commands on the user interface:
File – BIM – Project milestones
File – Import – PDF Geometry
File – Import – Excel table
Interior – Lighting – LED Light strip
3D – Shape
Selection – Lasso
Tools – Accessories – Element visibility on printing (make visible/invisible)
Read more about the new features of ARCHLine.XP 2017 version here: