Selecting items in 3D window

When we are working in the 3D window, we often have to select items by clicking on them with the mouse. Here's a few tips to avoid incorrect selection.

Sometimes the selection is not or disorderly working in the 3D window: some items will be selected, some won’t. It might happen that items are not responding to mouse click or another – typically overlapping item - will be selected instead.

There are two reasons behind this problem and none of them are trivial for users. 

One reason is that the 3D window shows perspective view. In the settings the point of view and the target point are falling far from each other. Here we can increase or decrease this distance as we like. Using the same direction and angle window we don’t see any changes in the 3D, and we don’t suspect this is the reason of the problem.

Solution: modify the location of target point

Wrong set-up:

Correct set-up:

Another reason can be that the model gets too far from the origin. This can happen before we draw the first line on the floorplan. We are scrolling and zooming with the mouse in and out, so by the time we actually start drawing the first item will be placed accidentally far away from the origin.

It can mostly can happen when we draw a terrain or import DWG file, which are originally set away from the origin or those were placed manually too far.

We can detect this problem if we change the coordinates from the relative to absolute by clicking on the icon on the left bottom corner of the window, then move our mouse over an item.

If we can see a huge absolute coordinate value (e.g.: in thousands or millions meters) it is the more likely we have found the reason of the problem.

Solution: select all items on the floorplan and move them to the origin.

Relative coordinate display:

Absolute coordinate display:

The explanation is the accuracy of calculation will increase in case of extremely huge distances, so the precision of the selection will decrease.