Intermediate Course - Interior design

Overview and preparation

The Intermediate Course is recommended for future and current ARCHLine.XP users who have already completed the Preliminary Course and have the ARCHLine.XP Basic User Exam. ű
This course is a guide that helps you to gain practice through typical interior design examples and to be able to prepare complex designs.
Most episode will require a starting project.
Therefore, download the "Workshop installer - Intermediate Course" then install it.
This includes the projects for the intermediate course episodes.
What you will need to learn the course material:
Computer requirements:
Computer that meets the System Requirements
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 10 or newer
ARCHLine.XP 2021 or 2022 and the Workshop Projects install set.
Local administrative privileges on the computer may be required to allow for software installation and to configure computer settings.

1. Materials

  1. Creating new material
  2. Download material from Showroom
  3. Download texture from the internet, from the manufacturer's site
  4. Editing material properties
  5. Seamless pattern – how to edit
  6. Transparent background materials - Alpha channel
  7. Bump mapping

2. Rendering part 2

  1. Point of view setting
  2. Day setting
  3. Material settings - render styles
  4. Material setting on architectural elements - part 2
  5. Material setting on the furniture - part 2
  6. Artificial lights
  7. Creating a final render image
  8. Photo post-processing

3. Architectural design

  1. Import floor plan as image with calibration
  2. Creating a wall style
  3. Import floor plan from raster PDF file with calibration
  4. Creating Wall
  5. Import floor plan from vector PDF file as geometry and calibration
  6. Importing a DWG drawing, drawing walls and windows
  7. Using the "Drawing walls on a DWG floor plan" command
  8. Construction of a wall niche
  9. Corner window
  10. Working on second floor
  11. IFC model import

4. Large Project management

  1. Saving project
  2. Archive
  3. Automatic save
  4. Not enough space on C drive?
  5. Project management (layers, views, perspectives...)
  6. Managing large projects  (identifying large objects, 3D solids.)
  7. Deleting objects that are too large or contain too much materials
  8. Delete unused materials from the project

5. Kitchen and storage furniture

  1. Drawers
  2. Fronts
  3. Curved closing element
  4. Worktop
  5. Plinth
  6. Excel listing

6. Upholstered furniture design

  1. Esmeralda pouf
  2. Marseille chair
  3. Profiles
  4. Creation of legs, seat cushions and backrests
  5. Assembling a chair

7. Stairs and railings

  1. Creating stairs
  2. Create railing
  3. Creating a gallery
  4. Spiral staircase
  5. Railing on the gallery
  6. Individual staircase, railing
  7. Wall on the side of the stairs
  8. Construction of a steel structure staircase
  9. Staircase with supporting structure
  10. Glass railing

8. Loft conversion

  1. Creating the roof of a penthouse apartment
  2. Specify roof level with 3 points
  3. Automatic roof
  4. Projected roof
  5. Attic slab
  6. Placement of skylight, custom window
  7. Creating a winter garden with a curtain wall
  8. Shade placement