The variety of materials and geometric shapes is exciting - it's clean and natural, simultaneously. The feeling of homeliness is enhanced by the cleverly realized personal details, which fit perfectly into the whole of this amazing sight.

The spacial room and the clever choice of materials lets in and merges the outside world with the interior. We can see the continuous synergy with nature in the room's patterns, the accessories, and in the unified and determined mode of expression.

In general, this space is simple and clean - yet the playful matching of the exciting shapes, colors and fabrics turn it into a living, breathing interior. The space separator, made with the combination of opaque glass and wood give out an air of natural softness. The chandelliers and the installation at the end of the corridor rhyme - and so are the materials of the floor pattern and the geometry of the storage facilities hidden in the wall.

The design speaks volumes of the great conceptual thinking skills of the designer. The recurring color patches, which create either visual, or functional symphony in the different rooms boil down to the feel of a modern, harmonic home.

The ideal balance of light and shadow makes this interior full of life. The portrayal of the bright kitchen is very realistic, and emphasizes the details.

A natural feeling lighting with a convincing distribution. The materials and other spatial features, and the background which fits the scene so seamlessly make the visual almost tangbile.

Carefully selected materials and sophisticated taste characterize this interior. The contrast between the black, white, and wooden materials create clean result, while at the same time they make the interior exciting. The small kitchen is made practical and inviting by the storage facilities, which are neately hidden into the surfaces.

The colour of earth in the living room is tastelessly broken by the greenish shades placed here and there. The modern interior is even more exciting due to diverse wall surfaces and creatively selected decorative elements. The chosen style consistently follows the design, creating a harmonious and unique effect.

A vibrant street in very rich details can be seen here. The complementary elements are taking just as much active role as the building block itself. It is worth noticing that details in the near and far distance fill their roles in well balanced way.

The view is characterized by harmonious colours and patterns; objects placed on the opposite wall break the large surface extravagantly and determine the atmosphere of the room. The chosen view reveals the links between space and the rest of the apartment.

The well distributed lighting supports proficiently the application soft fabric in the visual plan: in particular using lampshades beneficial way. Textures and accessories are detailed and give excellent starting point to understand the (near-distant) dimensions of the space.

Bright and clear visual which wisely makes the observer believe that the interior is already occupied. It is very detailed in all aspects of the interior design and this way the final image becomes even more realistic.

The warm walls used in the interior balance the design of the ceiling lamp and the bowl well. The elegant railing on the stairs creates a clean atmosphere. The reduced colours have a calming and homelike effect.

Designer of this month winner image created a dynamic vintage interior. The visual plans reveal a vivid family home, through lots of natural light and green plants. White and pastel colours are well balanced which contribute to countryside ambiance, using natural timbers and other wooden materials further intensify our feeling.

The warm walls used in the interior balance the design of the ceiling lamp and the bowl well. The elegant railing on the stairs creates a clean atmosphere. The reduced colours have a calming and homelike effect.

The designer filled up the visual with life and details through the creative use of materials and lights. All available space have function and the smart solutions make the bathroom look virtually wider and higher.

Bright and straightforward design where all details reflect the characteristics and colours of the chosen style. All the carefully placed decorative items and soft furnishing splendidly support the realism of the visual.

The whole scene is filled up with life through the use of plants in the background and the foreground; it's in perfect balance with the modern, minimalist interior. Crystal clear design and extraordinary details.

Elegant and modern interior rendered from an imposing point of view. There is superb balance in the use of the colours and materials, perfectly matching with the chosen style, thanks to the fine-tuned settings.

Harmonized textures and consistent lightings resulted spectacular and see-through view. The selected display presents the large-scale connection between kitchen and the apartment, encouraging the observer to explore further.

Outstanding, clear yet very much detailed office interior. It gives endless sensation of discovery through its bright and creative solutions.

An excellent, charming and comfortable interior taking advantage of the specialty of the loft space. The soft artificial ligthing supports the characteristics of the natural scattered light in the room perfectly. Materials are detailed and matching the chosen style giving even more depth to the scene.

Extravagant interior with harsher materials and bold use of colours. The high-contrast lighting, the room equipment and furniture are carefully arranged to be symmetrical and vivid patterns break it to fill up the whole visual with life.

All the beautiful colours and matching materials create a charming balance in the visual. The interior looks cozy and comfortable thanks to the selected curtains, the roman blind, the cushions and the other nice and detailed, rounded objects.

Bright and clear scene with detailed textures and accessories which support the final result very well. The size and the position of the furnishing in space is purely distinct - one can slightly sense the connection to the other rooms of the apartment.

The Interior Designer merged the dominant white surfaces with natural materials which reflects even more the purity. This way the nature becomes more palpable behind the extensive glass surfaces. Excellent quality materials and accessories give deepness and explicitly to the whole scene supported by the background above the applied model.

The appearance of the building is very characteristic and modern on the visual. The fine-tuned materials bring details into the final image of the model which is otherwise mainly constructed of large and simple flat surfaces. The splendid connection between the building and its environment deserves extra attention.

The design of the main room in this dwelling is very well matching the chosen style - it is pure and moderate. All the details starting from the fine selection of accessories to the materials support the realism and integrity of the final visual.

Clean shapes and materials appear all around this visual - everything is organized around one solid concept which is supported in all details. The large surfaces and the characteristic design results in an interior that can be explored over and over again from different point of views.

The wall decoration, the furniture, the textiles and other nice and unique solutions all integrate in this image as a habitable and credible interior. The fine contrast between the reflective surfaces and the soft materials make the result extremely real, just as well as the differences between the bright and clean visual of the room and the blurred background.

The practical solutions and the fine details of this interior fill up the visual with life all around. The room reveals new aspects each time from the chosen angle through its applied colours, shapes and the furniture arrangement.