ARCHLine Essentials

Do you want to showcase your design in a spectacular and understandable way to your customers?
You are busy, but you want to learn the latest technology in a short time?
Our experienced tutors will teach you the foundations of the software.
Courses are from preliminary to advanced level. You work with accurate floor plans and visuals. Scroll down for more details!


Preliminary Level Courses

Preliminary Level Courses are ideal for complete beginners to using CAD design software for drawing accurrate floor plan and 3D visual of spaces for interior design. 
During the course you work under the close supervision of the tutor.
❖Reception room
❖ARCHLine.XP Foundation
❖Bathroom design
❖Kitchen design


Intermediate Level Courses

Intermediate Level Courses are ideal for advanced users of ARCHLine.XP design software for creating bespoke furniture, handle complex projects or create a difficult roof structure. 
During the course you work under the close supervision of the tutor.
❖Material editing
❖Using architectural data
❖Managing your project files
❖KBB, Modelling andd furniture design
❖Upholstered furniture
❖Staircase and railing
❖Loft conversion
❖Visual design

What to bring to the courses?

All courses are taught on PC computers using Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system and mouse.
We will help install the ARCHLine.XP Trial Version for those who have not already done so.
Once you've downloaded the Trial Version, download and install the Preliminary / Intermediate Workshop projects in the next step. We use these projects at the course.