Do you want to showcase your design in a spectacular and understandable way to your customers? How can ARCHLine.XP help you with this?

We have workshops available from preliminary to advanced level - let our tutors teach you the use of our software. All workshop materials are available free, should you want to learn by yourself.

Interior Design

Ideal for complete beginners to using CAD design software for drawing accurrate floor plan and 3D visual of spaces for interior design. The workshop includes 7 lessons:
❖Reception room
❖ARCHLine.XP Foundation
❖Bathroom design
❖Kitchen design

Interior Design & Architecture

For advanced users of ARCHLine.XP for creating bespoke furniture, handle complex projects or create complex structures. The workshop contains 8 lessons:

❖Material editing
❖Using architectural data
❖Managing your project files
❖KBB, Modelling and furniture design
❖Upholstered furniture
❖Staircase and railing
❖Loft conversion
❖Visual design


For those, who want to learn the architectural features of ARCHLine.XP. The workshop contains 6 lessons:

❖Site orientation and geolocation
❖Terrain and site plans
❖Building voluems and shadow analysis
❖Sections and elevations
❖Documentation and printing
❖Rendering and listing


Click the topic you are interested in. Browse the tutorial videos and download the free manual and example project files, and the ARCHLine.XP Trial Version.

You can either complete the workshop on your own, or you can sign up to get tutored by us and we'll teach you everything you need to know, and also help you with the installation of the software.