Bring to life rendered images, animations and 360 panoramas instantly.
A real-time building visualisation experience for architects and interior designers.
Discover the potential of ARCHLine.XP LIVE!
Taking landscaping to a new level
In ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2023 with the landscape editor,
you can customise not only the building and its furnishings,
but also the building's surroundings and landscape.
Populate the environment of your plans with detailed vegetation,
even on huge surfaces! Paint dense undergrowth or even trees
both around buildings and in the garden.
Convincing effects
Bring any corner of your vision to life with a few
clicks! Communicate your vision easily
to your clients indoors and outdoors.
Your design speaks for itself
Highlight the finest details of real
physical materials, try out your favourite
variations and find the perfect one!
Movement, wherever you look
Give life to your visual, designs with moving human
figures, vehicles or objects. Populate the streets of your
design or animate indoor object with ease.
Discover the potential of ARCHLine.XP LIVE!
Help you get started!
Would you combine it with another program?
ARCHLine.XP LIVE is fully compatible with the following programs,
and is compatible with *
* and any 3D software that can export in .skp, .obj or .fbx format.