Real-time experience in rendering and animation.

Transform your BIM / CAD model into immersive 3D architectural visualization where people walk, soft wind is blowing through the trees, candle light flickers.

ARCHLine.XP LIVE is made especially for architects and interior designers.
What LIVE provides:
Beautiful Renders
Turn your design into living, breathing spaces full of movement, vegetation, people, vehicles, life etc. Grab high-quality rendered still images or animations, and amaze your clients.
Changes made on your original design can be tracked and synchronized with
Place humans, vehicles, or any kind of objects, draw a path and set up movement speed. That's all you need to populate the streets of your visuals in a few steps.
No render time
There is no rendering time so that you can react to your clients' requests immediately, on the fly and reflect modifications in minutes, regardless of the size and complexity of your project.
Project Showcase
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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real-Time Rendering?

Real-time rendering is exactly what it sounds like: animations and visuals that are rendered so quickly that they appear to be generated in real-time on your computer screen. Real-time rendering in software such as ARCHLine.XP LIVE makes it easy to synchronise your visuals with your CAD model, creating striking visuals and generating immersive walkthroughs for your clients.

Hendrik Boshoff, CAD International