Even if the building is small, several stakeholders need to work together when it's being built. Wannes Malaise, a draftsman from Belgium tells about his experiences using BIM workflow to manage this project, and ease communication with co-designers.

Zsuzsanna Vegvari works for the OFFISEVEN workspace consultancy firm, she plans the remodeling and redesigning of office spaces.  As part of her project below, the office of a Budapest-based IT company had to be reshaped and rethought.

Juraj Keckes (SK) talks about why he choose ARCHLine.XP for his carpentry business, and what he accomplished in the first two weeks of being a user.

Shanova Property Renovation Ltd. (UK) focuses on construction project management and realization. Read why they centered all their operation around ARCHLine.XP, and use it for better communication with their clients.

Designer Touches (UK) creates projects which are the combination of luxurious style and effortless elegance. Read their story on how they used ARCHLine.XP for their latest task - a home extension project.

Ms. Alice Alghisi (IT) architect, ARCHLine.XP user talks about his work, passion, and what ARCHLine.XP adds to her day-to-day efforts

Meet Wannes Malaise, a draftsman from Belgium, tells us about his experiences on using ARCHLine.XP to design a seaside block of apartments.

ARCHLine.XP is great at handling historical buildings. See how a historical building's renovation was done using the software. Special thanks to architect Laszlo Farsang.

The saying goes, ‘You know a good thing when you see it’ That can be said of ARCHLine.XP. Listen to Nicholas Sunderland of NS Interiors about how we uses our software for better designer-client communication.

Gabor Scholtz architect, ARCHLine.XP user talks about his profession and passion - creating the living environment of families. Read his thoughts on the challanges of his profession, and take a look at his gallery of amazing projects.


Daniele De Zordo architect, ARCHLine.XP user talks about his experiences on using ARCHLine.XP check out his gallery for a taste of his work.

The article was written by Laszlo Farsang, architect, ARCHLine.XP user. The article was also featured in the Architectural Digest of Hungary