Summer's in full swing, with festivals, concerts, and other events where loud music is played. But let's hear it now for those, who spend the scorching days in front of their computers, modeling. We play the blues on a cultural icon, the Fender Telecaster® electric guitar, modeled in ARCHLine.XP!

Adam Feigl, CAD Industry expert from Redwood, Australia reviews ARCHLine.XP. The document was made based on the "Gateway to BIM" Webinar Series.

This is a handy guide on how to use your existing CAD skills when working with ARCHLine.XP®. Even if you are a CAD novice, it’s worth a read, so that you would know what the differences/similarities are between software products. Today’s topic: tips and tricks for AutoCAD® users.

Spring is finally here. As the countriside wakes from its slumber, and work starts on the fields, let's take a walk on the main street of a fictional village, made in ARCHLine.XP. Let's appreciate the folk- and traditional architectural solutions, and see what we can learn from the old masters.

ARCHLine.XP is the all-in-one design software for your projects when you design an extension, structural renovation and refurbishment. Read what kind of tools we offer to make home extension, loft converstion, refursbishment and decoration projects quicker.

'Tis the season to rewatch our favorite Christmas movies, and while we are at it, let's appreciate the interiors. The ARCHLine Crew modelled the staircase from the 1990 cult classic, Home Alone. Let's get inside, take a look - just make sure you don't step on the Christmas ornaments.

The article is a shortened form of a presentation "Using BIM in your day-to-day design" done by Cadline Network employees Illés Papp and Zoltán Tóth at a BIM-awareness workshop held by Leica Geosystems, in Budapest, Hungary, 16 October 2017

As the Summer holiday ends, we launch new channels to help existing and prospective users find the right tools for the optimal use of ARCHLine.XP

Things to know about the IFC import. Get your game up to the BIM standards.

Every kitchen is unique and designing unique kitchen requires a lot of tools. Using ARCHLine.XP CAD / BIM interior design software, the entire kitchen, including the kitchen cabinet, can be quickly and efficiently designed.

What have 3D visual plans got to offer?

How to pick up the essential expertise to use ARCHLine.XP faster and in a more effective way.

Many of our clients ask these questions from us. Now we try to give you some useful tips what to consider when you decide to use a CAD Design software.

As we are getting closer to Christmas experienced ARCHLine.XP users can hardly wait for their “little treat”, the testable version of ARCHline.XP for the 2016.

Creating photo-realistic images has become much simpler in the ARCHLine.XP 2016 version.

How to create visuals and breathtaking renderings? Our blog post will tell you!

Blog post written by guest blogger and ARCHLine.XP user Flora Orosz by Siroco Interiors Ltd.